The Big Move

The next time I write this will be from Salisbury.  Tonight is my last sleep in my little home from home in Southampton, a place where I have stayed since April this year.
My home from home

My home from home

In fact I was supposedly moving awhile ago but circumstances made me delay my move until I knew a bit more, but the time has now come to pack my goodies and leave. I have a flat share close to where I work, and will hang in there for awhile until I can settle down and get my own place. I moved in here with a suitcase and a wheelie bag, and am now leaving with two suitcases, a wheelie bag, a bin of bits and pieces, a duvet and 1,5 pillows. Next time I will need bearers and a sedan chair,
I would have remained in Southampton had we not been approaching winter. Travelling by train isn’t too much of a mission but the vagaries of weather and leaves on the line can prove to be disastrous as was seen when we had the big storm. I do not want to be stranded at Salisbury Station by the closure of a railway line. It is a miserable place even when the sun is shining. The colder weather and early darkness does make my morning and evening commute unpleasant at times and the move will negate that aspect as I am now roughly 8 minutes from work. 
So, don’t go away, I will be back, but it may take awhile. And, be prepared for no more ship pics! I will miss taking those, but realistically there are no unique arrivals for quite some time, so I wont really be missing too much, although 39 ships wasn’t too bad an innings.
Salisbury doesn’t have ships. It has a cathedral.
Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral

and it is not too far from Stonehenge
It also has a Poultry Cross
and a nice clock tower
That’s about it. There are a number of really beautiful buildings though, but they are for another day. I have to get settled in properly and conduct some grave hunting first. 
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