Tewkesbury Classic Car Festival 2021 (2)

Continuing where we left off

On this page I hope to show some of those “long and low” American cars that really had a parking problem and which must have had huge petrol tanks. Personally I have no idea how you drive some of these. Again my car knowledge is scarce so I cannot ID most of them. 

1970 Cadillac Coupe de Ville

Ford Edsel

Some cars were just eye catchers. This little 1964 Neckar Weinsberg Coupe was one of a number of 500 derivatives made around the world under licence to Fiat. Built in Germany by NSU from 1959 – 1963 just 3840 were assembled with a mere handful coming to the UK. 

Continuing with our exploration, a few more that caught my eye…

There were not too many military vehicles on display which was a pity, unfortunately all Jeeps look the same. 

By now I had seen most of what interested me and I started to wind my way to the exit.  It had a been a great outing after so long at home, and hopefully Tewkesbury won’t have to face an exploding Covid infection outbreak as a result of today. That would seriously throw a spanner in the works and we may all regret having been here in the first place. 

I left the cars behind and headed towards home. I was tired and had 280 images to show for it. Less than a third have ended up here.   I shall leave you with these few random images that may or may not make sense.

DRW © 2021. Created 22/08/2021. Special thanks to the owners of these vehicles and for spending their day showing them off. Thank you!

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