Tewkesbury Classic Car Festival 2021 (1)

This morning I headed out to attend the Tewkesbury Classic Car Festival held locally. Last year it was cancelled (like so many other things) due to the Covid pandemic. I was amazed that they decided to go ahead with it but I had no idea how popular it would be this year. The weather, which has been iffy for over a week, varied between overcast and sunny and when I got to the venue there were hordes of cars trying to get in.  I think people are really just tired of having their lives stopped for nearly two years and what with high levels of vaccination in the UK everybody probably said “what the heck!” Logically though, the show is really a repeat of the 2016, 2017,  2018 and 2019 shows. The problem really is to find something unique to photograph.

I am not really a car buff, my interest lies in cars from a nostalgia point of view, and of course what I call “cars from my past”.   Many of the cars in the UK were seen in South Africa too, and of course many vintage cars were never seen in SA at all.  Its really about what catches my eye the most. My car ID skills are also poor, but I always look out for information sheets or  badges “just in case”. Because of the placement of the sun most of the images are taken from more or less the same angle and of course invariably I will end up with people in the images too. Special thanks to all of those who took the time to bring along their oldies for everybody to see. 

And now… handbrake down, in gear and full ahead!

Did I mention that I like Minis? 

One little car that I really like has become quite a drawcard at the show is the Nissan Figaro. The Figaro Owners Club were out in force too and as usual they brought along their motors to show off.

These quirky vehicles are reasonably rare but they are really nice.  It makes a nice change to see something like this on the roads instead of the modern shaped vehicles.

The usual collectable tables were out too but they were flooded with people looking for that odd spare that they need for their oldies. I did not look around there too much as the there were just too many people seemingly stalled around those tables. 

and now… the cars! (or some of them in no particular order).

1965 Morris fire Engine 

1982 Ford Capri 2.0

1937 Chrysler Plymouth Deluxe 6

Pembleton V-Sport 3 wheeler

1999 Reliant Robin Hatchback

Citroen 2CV

1962 Austin -Nash Metropolitan

1905 Peugeot Swing Seat Tonneau

1913 Ford Model T (Tin Lizzie)

1974 Karmann Ghia Convertible

Each year the show also gets visited by the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity who bring along a helicopter. Unfortunately the chopper did not stay for long, but they did leave half a chopper behind too. The machine is a Eurocopter EC135 and she was also here in 2019. 

The chopper left behind may have been some sort of training simulator and I would have liked to have had a good look at it but alas I was not young enough.

Getting back to the cars…. there were just so many that I could not identify but which I really thought worth photographing. I call these images “no name, no pack drill”.

There were not too many motorcycles this year, but there were some really stunning machines in the lineup. These are a few of them. 

And having said all that let us turn the page and take a look at the “long and low” as well as some of the other vehicles that I saw. Use the button to turn over the page.

DRW © 2021. Created 22/08/2021. Special thanks to the owners of these vehicles and for spending their day showing them off. Thank you!

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