Spotted in Town Today

Tonight the Christmas Lights are turned on in Tewkesbury.  It is more or less an annual event and this year they closed off some of the streets and had kiddie rides up and stalls and a few other odds and ends. I did a brief peek-a-boo but did not stay too long. 

Down at the Cross where we were last week for Remembrance Day there are activities going on in either direction,

and I am sure I saw some of these when the Mop Fair was on last month. A stage had also been set up and a suitably clad festive group seemed to be playing to a solitary onlooker.

The Roses” is our local theatre/movie house and they are putting on a pantomime this year as far as I can see.

Meanwhile, the Punch & Judy man has also popped in for some serious puppeteering. Actually I wouldn’t have minded watch a puppet show again, just to see how the pro’s do it.

There was no way that I was going to stick around till 2.30, my bladder would not have let me.  Twas time for me to mosey off home, it was actually quite chilly and there was a cold wind blowing too. This week is supposed to see snow falling in a lot of the Northern parts of the UK, but so far none is scheduled for where we are. Father Christmas did leave his sleigh behind “just in case”.

I will probably head downtown again sometime between now and Christmas to take some pics of the lights, after all they at least make an attempt to jolly the place up during the festive season.  Now, has anybody misplaced their kids?

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