The “Oud Stryders” Monument in Cottesloe

My original photographs of this monument were taken in August 2007 and I will be honest and admit I had never even known about it, and only discovered its whereabouts by accident while looking for something else in my streetfinder. Unfortunately it is not very easy to reach but is easily seen from Annet Road although I doubt if many people have ever noticed it.

The problem with a monument like this is knowing the context of it, and I do not know the context of this one, or why it is where it is. However, an article appeared on the The Heritage Portal website that gave the following information:

“The monument was unveiled on the grounds of the Cottesloe Primary School as part of the Voortrekker Centenary celebrations in Johannesburg on 3 December 1938. The memorial was initiated by the chairman of the Monument Committee of veteran combatants, Mr Gert Jooste, and unveiled by the City’s Mayor, Maldwyn Edmund. It was preceded by a rock piling ceremony by veteran combatants and ex-prisoners of war on 19 November 1938. Commandant Koos Jooste unveiled the corner stone of the monument at 08:00 on 3 December during a visit by the ox wagons on their way to Crosby”.

I believe the monument was restored in 2006, but I do not know in what condition it was in prior to restoration. If this was what it looked like originally then it was real hodge podge of design.

I returned in November 2011 and the area had been fenced off making access even more problematic. There did not seem to be any changes in the structure and I left with images that were relatively unchanged from my originals.

The monument has really become somewhat of an oddity, it’s context long lost over the years, but because it is relatively unknown it has managed to survive more or less. The danger is that one day some overzealous idiot will take it upon himself to destroy this old relic, or some drunken teenagers will vandalise it so as to render it unrepairable. Fortunately I was able to photograph it, as have others and that will ensure it survives, even if it is only in the digital realm.  

The monument may be found at co-ordinates 26° 11.488’S, 28° 1.137’E.

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