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The final season of the year anime are now starting to come out, and as usual it is a mixed bag of material.  I am still watching three shows that started out during the previous season and am slowly building up my collection of new watches too. Two shows that I did not deal with previously are:

Kaizoku Oujo (Fena: Pirate Princess) started it’s run in mid August. The story is about a young orphan girl that teams up with a strange crowd of mysterious seagoing warriors, one of which she remembers from when she was young. Together they are searching for a place called “Eden,” which may hold the key to her memories and the life of her mother (Who was burnt at the stake).

It is not a great story, but the artwork is good and there is some sort of theme to it. Unfortunately it does tend to drag a bit but has not been that awful that I have considered dropping it. I have since completed watching the show since I cannot rate it more than 7 because while it was an ok watch it was not a great one, the ending really turning out to be one of those generic endings that are seen so often.  MAL rates it 7.65 but this is not a memorable show to come back to. 

Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai (The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated!) is a 20 part show that started it’s run on the 1st of August. It tells the story of the “Great Jahy” who was formerly the 2nd in command of the “Dark Realm”.

However, the Dark Realm has been destroyed and she finds herself stuck in suburban Japan where she must make a living while trying to restore her power and bring back her kingdom. Jahy is not a very lucky demon and its an uphill struggle.  I have asked myself why am I watching this? but I am afraid it was an awkward time with no entertainment available so I was desperate.   I will never rate it more than 6 and MAL rates it 7.09. It does not seem to be a very popular show but then who am I to judge? 🙂

The New Season:

Heike Monogatari was the first of the new season and so far we are 5 episodes into it. It tells the story of Biwa, a young orphan that can see the future. Taken in by Shigemori, one of the patriarchs of the powerful Taira family, she encounters all manner of people while trying to make a living as a musician and avoiding seeing the future of those around her.

So far it has been very watchable albeit not easy to make sense of the hierarchy of the clan and those who think that they have a divine right to rule over a country. The artwork is not complicated but very well done and overall it is an intriguing show that can go in any direction.  I rate it a 7 and MAL is rating it 7,76 and I suspect that may rise as the season passes. 

It is difficult to make any sort of pronouncements about Blue Period because it is still in the early stages and I have not really been able to make any sense of it. But what I have seen so far has been tantalising and I suspect that this may turn out to be very good, although it is still too early to say.  Unfortunately the show seems rushed, especially the 2nd episode, and that could end up ruining everything. 

The 2nd season of 86 has also just started and it is already rated 8,62 although it is probably as a result of the success of the previous season. It is really the story of a group of conscripted soldiers who are fighting in a war for a country that does not recognise their existence and which sees them as expendable.  I do find that the series resonates with me and I felt it had a strange similarity to my own military service. It was difficult to pickup the thread of the story after so much time had elapsed, and I think some sort of recap would have helped but I hope that they are able to maintain the originality of the show as well as keep a coherent story running. Watch this space!

Shin no Nakama ja Nai to Yuusha no Party wo Oidasareta node, Henkyou de Slow Life suru Koto ni Shimashita (Banished from the Hero’s Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside, I Was Kicked out of the Hero’s Party Because I Wasn’t a True Companion so I Decided to Have a Slow Life at the Frontier), qualifies as the winner of the longest title this season. It’s about an ex adventurer who quits adventuring and starts a pharmacy.  Its difficult to say much about it at this point although I did not think it was too awful, although they are now bringing in a blonde and  that cannot end well.  (Show dropped in mid November)

Kyuuketsuki Sugu Shinu:  It seems as if our neighbourhood vampire is somewhat of a loser and has a tendency to turn into a pile of sand at the least excuse.  Having had his castle destroyed he then moves in with a vampire hunter.  So far it has not been great and I hope the story starts to improve although I doubt it. 

Takt Op. Destiny:  Music hating aliens have invaded the planet and it is up to the so-called “Musicart” and their “Conductors” to defeat the aliens. Artwork was great and the music so far was reason enough to watch this show, but it is going to turn out to be a typical  aliens vs. young girls type show so it may end up running out of steam and relying on fan service type watch. 

Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu: First vampire into space? caught up in the space race between two superpowers, a female vampire is being trained by a substitute astronaut candidate.  Her mission? to go boldly where no vampire has gone before! Difficult to say how this will go as it has used events in the real space race as a background (except there were no vampires in the real space race).  I have to admit I really like the show, the young vampire is very watchable and an interesting character in her own right, but I am afraid this show may end up stuck in the doldrums of crushes and love affairs. 

Mieruko-chan tells the story of Miko, a high school girl (what else?) who is plagued by visions of ghosts that she tries her best to ignore. The story is really let down by the endless boob and panty shots but the ghosts are spectacular and would have made normal people run away screaming. I don’t think there is much more than that in the story but it is ruined by the fan service.  I currently rate it 6, and MAL rates it 7.49.  Storywise it has gone nowhere since it started. 

Mushoku Tensei Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu (Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation). Yet another Isekai show, this time it is yet another shut-in that wakes up as a baby (with his adult mind and memories still intact) in a new world where he must grow up and tackle the problems associated with being a magic user, and his own perverted nature. To be honest I nearly dropped this anime because parts of it are really not necessary and drag the story down with it’s attitude towards pedophilia, treatment of women and overall borderline pornographic scenes. However, discounting those it turned into a surprisingly good watch and I have completed the first 11 episodes.  The 2nd season is now running and I am hoping that it will continue to be a solid watch. I have rated the first season an 8 and MAL rates it 8,36.  Watch out for Roxy in the show, she is brilliant. 

Violet Evergarden Movie 

Netflix is currently showing the long awaited Violet Evergarden movie and I grabbed the opportunity to watch this much vaunted movie. For starters it is long (2hrs 20min) and, as expected the artwork was spectacular and it was not too difficult to get into the story which utilises one of the characters from a Violet Evergarden episode as a start point, and roughly 55 years in the future.

Realistically it is about finding out what happened to Violet and her quest to  find closure over her last moments with Major Gilbert Bougainvillea as well as dealing with PTSD. It is an excellent watch although the ending seemed lacking as it left more questions than answers. I also felt that the movie was missing it’s “sparkle” and it could have been so much better. Without dropping any spoilers I felt that the story really hadn’t been told properly. I rated it a 9 because of those failings and because at times it dragged.  MAL rates it an 8.88 and it is ranked as the 22nd top anime and the 5th top movie.  Do not get me wrong, it is a worthwhile watch and really deserves it’s spot in the rankings. It is a worthy part of the canon of Violet and as far as I am concerned I would not mind more content about her.  As expected Kyoto Animation produced a visual masterpiece  and fans of their work will appreciate the visual quality of the show. Of special mention is the sea and beach in the last scenes.   

Love Live! Superstar!! also ended this past week, having run from July 11. It is yet another school idols clone so the story is pretty much the same as so many of this genre. Girl wants to become idol, school is in trouble, student council chief is power hungry, other girl has to work harder blah blah blah. What sets this one apart was that it had a good pairing of main characters and was visually excellent in-spite of the cgi animation used for song sequences although I was not too impressed with some of the songs, they were really just bubble-gum reproductions with nothing that really stood out for me, 

Both Kanon and Keke were fun to watch and even though the story was just another rehash of what had gone before I did enjoy watching the series. I rate it an 8 and MAL rates it  8.15. 

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