Murdered By Their Parents

Today I want to remember Arthur Labinjo-Hughes and two others that had the misfortune of being the victims of their “parents”. 

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes

These past few weeks the UK has been horrified to read about the torture and subsequent death of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes in June 2020. The story makes for horrific reading, made even worse by some of the scenes captured by his father and step-mother on cctv and their phones. The failure of the authorities to act has also been widely criticised and once again the old “lessons have been learnt” excuse will be waved around following an inquiry into the failure. 

Star Hobson was 16 months old in September 2020 when she died following  weeks of physical abuse  at the hands of her mother and her partner in Keighley, West Yorkshire. The female partner, a self confessed “psycho” was probably the main source of the abuse but the mother was as guilty for not stepping in to prevent it. Sadly, Star was caught in the middle of a situation over which she had no control. Once again social services failed the victim and I suspect “lessons will be learnt” but will be way too late to bring back the toddler. The guilty parent were sentenced to relatively minor terms in jail.  

Ella-Rose Clover died at the age of 22 months after being severely assaulted by her godmother’s partner. The little girl was taken to hospital  9 times in seven months and six doctors missed the obvious abuse, she died from her injuries in January 2018.  The perpetrator received a 20 year sentence! 

Men abusing or killing children is not something new, but women? I am afraid that it happens too, and when they get caught we are all aghast, but it happens more often than is made public. Nothing will bring back Arthur or Star or Ella-Rose though, and no matter how many apologies and excuses are brandished about the fact remains that a conscious effort was made to make their lives miserable and in doing so those who were supposed to take care of them went too far and their lives were ended as a result.  The women involved  have now become modern versions of Myra Hindley and Rose West, both of which were involved with child abduction and murder.

Rest in Peace Arthur, Star and Ella-Rose.

Image is from a family handout, retrieved from

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