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Continuing with watches from the current season: Sonny Boy is hard to describe.  It is about a group of high schoolers (what else) that are seemingly trapped in another dimension that seems to follow it’s own set of rules. The group are really exploring the new world as we are slowly made aware of the “super powers” that some of the group have suddenly acquired.  I rate it a 5 and MAL rates it 7,69.  I have since dropped this series because frankly it makes no sense at all and is a mish-mash of random unrelated rubbish. 

Bokutachi no Remake (Remake our life), follows the story of 28 year old Hashiba, Kyouya,  who has to return to his parent’s house after loosing his job. He miraculously gets a chance to go 10 years back in time and take up a place in a arts college where he encounters people from his future. The first episode was a long one and I thought it worked quite well so I am going to continue with the series as it does have promise.  After 5 episodes I am very glad that I decided to watch it as it has kept me engaged and amused in-spite of the occasional needless fan service.  I have it rated an 8 and MAL, rates it 7.85. Beware, episode 6.5 is a recap episode. 

Watches from previous seasons.

Wu Liuqi Zhi Xuanwu Guo Pian (Killer Seven 3rd Season). I originally watched “Scissors Seven” on Netflix some time ago and I was blown away. A Chinese anime, it told the story of Wu Liuqi, a seemingly innocent barber who in reality is a deadly assassin trying to make a living on “Chicken Island”. This season continues the story but provides more about the past of Wu as he journeys to  the Xuanwu Kingdom to find out his origins. Once again the anime does not disappoint (except that it ended on a cliff hanger) and as usual it was funny and serious all at the same time.  A movie will wrap up the series but I have not seen a release date for it.  The series is a fun watch with really quirky characters and surprisingly beautiful music and simple animation.  It does sound odd because it is in Mandarin but the subtitles worked well for me. I rated it a 9, and MAL rates this gem  8.35.  

Shiguang Dailiren (Link Click) is another Chinese anime and I discovered it by accident. It tells the story of two young men who are able to “enter” a photograph and discover information, pass on messages or alter the present or future. I was really blown away by this one, it has stunning backgrounds, a great OP, well thought our individual plots and a very interesting series wide plot. The only real gripe that I have is that I battled to link everything together even though I was binge watching at the time. A second season is in the cards and I hope it will be as good as this one. I rate it 10 and MAL rates it 8.88 and it is ranked 21! I can see why. 

Rewatches from previous seasons.

Kakushigoto (Hidden Things). Occasionally you will be fortunate enough to find an anime that will leave you gobsmacked and Kakushigoto is one of them. I originally watched it in June 2020 and back then it was amazing, but somehow seemed to be missing something. Yesterday I watched the  Kakushigoto movie and it reminded me of how much I really enjoyed the series. The story is that of Gotou, Kakushi who is a Mangaka who creates “inappropriate content manga”. He lives with his young daughter Hime  and is desperate that she never finds out what he does for a living. He really leads a double life from the moment he walks out the door in the morning till he gets home at night. The story progresses over time as Hime gets older and circumstances change, and each episode we are shown snippets of Hime as an 18 year old, discovering a house with many memories that she knows nothing about. 

The original manga was created by Kumeta, Kouji who was also responsible for Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, and most of the characters in Kakushigoto are slightly younger or older versions of the characters in Zetsubo. 

Hime is very sweet and innocent and the pair of them try their best to understand each other after her mother mysteriously drowns when she was young. Throw in excellent artwork, a catchy ED and some clever comedy and this show is a winner. I originally rated it 9 because there were some things that I could not work out.  

When I saw the movie I suddenly found answers to many of my questions and suddenly everything made sense and I was able to rewatch the series with a whole new insight. Looking at it rationally the anime should have had 24 episodes instead of 12.  It is a story about the love of a parent for a child, and a child’s love for a parent, but there are other meanings buried within the story and this is probably what makes this such a gem. I am going to see about reading the manga now, there may be even more in it. If you are a fan of Zetsubo then keep an eye open for Chiri-chan; she will surprise you. MAL rates the series  8, and I rate the movie 10 against MAL’s 7.4. 

Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai (Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai) originally aired from October till December 2018 and I watched it as aired. At the time I really enjoyed it although it was difficult to understand when there was a week between episodes. The opportunity came up again this week to rewatch it on Netflix and I jumped at the chance. The story really revolves around Azusagawa, Sakuta who encounters a classmate (female naturally) dressed as a bunny girl in public. But the anime really deals with 5 girls who experience a bad case of “puberty syndrome” resulting in body swapping, time loops and multiple appearances of the same person. Being an anime anything is really possible and each arc is roughly 2,5 episodes long with a common thread throughout the series. 

I really enjoy the show as I did feel that it had enough in it to keep me engaged, and of course the characters and their interactions are excellent. There is the usual fan service (naturally) but it does not drive the story and overall the show is a very decent watch. The protagonist (Sakuta) is really a nice guy and goes out of his way to be there for those who need him. I was however not too keen on Sakurajima, Mai and to be frank I don’t know what he sees in her 🙂  Azusagawa, Kaede is also worth mentioning as her arc really has to do with the consequences of bullying and how it destroys her life and causes her to suffer from amnesia. 

Binge watching the series really made it so much more enjoyable and understandable and I have upped my rating from 8 to 9. MAL rates it  8.32.  A movie sequel was made in  2019 but it was not as good as the first season, and neither does it add anything to the anime but concentrates on character that briefly appears in the anime. It is a decent watch too, but would make no sense unless you had seen the anime first.  

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