Action Man Ponders the Folly of War

Like many ex servicemen, Action Man, really has a distaste for war. He understands that it is probably one of the few things that mankind is really good at, and he deplores the loss of life and the sheer brutality of killing your own kind because a politician/king/dictator says so.   For crying out loud, we are all in the same boat which is hurtling around the sun really quickly. This is all we have, its about time Peace broke out! 

Recently I took him out for some pics because I was in that sort of mood. The whole Ukraine/Russia conflict has changed from  a regional war into what could potentially become a short world war followed by a nuclear winter. 

And when the politicians come out of their underground bunkers they may discover that there is not much left to lord it over, and it was not really worth unleashing the atom. By then it will be too late.  

The trappings of Remembrance are easily found in my flat, as are thousands of images of the victims of warfare, ranging from nurses, civilians, soldiers, officers, squaddies and animals. As a boy I was fascinated by warfare, and it featured very predominately in our manifold childhood games. Action Man being one of the “tools of the trade”, so instead of playing war games, let us play pacifist games instead.  

I was hoping that my camera special effects mode would spring some surprises on me, but the effects this time around were not as amazing as usual, leaving my with pretty bland images. AM is not amused. 

Given how close we may be to the dreaded nuclear extermination of our planet it is a sobering thought that when the planet finally manages to get over the nuclear winter, warfare may only be conducted using clubs and spears. We may just have triggered the grand reset ourselves. Unfortunately it has been hinted  by the Russians that they have the ability to destroy the UK, with a device detonated out at sea that will inundate us (and probably parts of Europe too), thus removing the many UK based vapid celebs that cling to the tabloid headlines of the world.   I would hope that our friends in the rest of the world would retaliate although I do not see South Africa participating in retaliation. I am certain that a portion of the population would be glad to see the end of those “donderse Ingelse”.  I am not too sure whether the USA would retaliate because it is no secret that Joe Biden hates us, and France won’t either because Macron hates us too. 

Let us hope and pray for sanity, and that a deescalation of the Ukraine/Russian conflict will happen and that we can turn back the Doomsday Clock that ticks even louder these days, however be aware that clocks ticking may be something unfamiliar to our younger generations.  Action Man has laid down his arms for today and embraced the beauty of nature as it struggles to survive the lawnmowers of the apocalypse.

Action Man, your camouflage is k*k! Sien jy daardie blomme? is jy al terug?

And that concludes our brief anti-war tirade. The only consolation is that if we all get fried by radiation at least this blog may survive until the monthly hosting fee runs out. 

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