What Twinns Do All Day.

The question was asked, what do Twinns do when there is nobody home? Its like asking the question “What does the light in the fridge do when the door is closed?” or “If a tree in a forest falls down and there is nobody to hear it, does it make a noise?”.
Through the modern wonders of television and the internet I was able to capture the Twinns doing what they do best when I am not here. Much to my amazement they didn’t really get up to too much mischief, but then for all I know they were faking it.

Some sit around and play cards all day and lose their pocket money.

Some help others to fix things.

Some read comics and scoff biscuits.

Some sit around and buy other Twinns on ebay.

Some catch up on their ironing

Some stuff their faces with Pizza when nobody is looking

Some make elaborate constructions out of wood

Some head outdoors and catch so rays

Some take up a new sport

While some make new colourful friends

And some help out with electrical work

And, when you get home, you can bet some will be ready to welcome you with chocolate.

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