VC Graves on this website

This is a list of all the VC’s graves in this blog.  This is also a page to acknowledge the individual photographers.  There would not be as many entries in my VC pages if it were not for Terry Cawood, Ronnie Lovemore, Mark Green, Kevin Brazier, Eric Leach, Glenn Olsen, Ian Uys, Gerry Van Tonder, Jim Mandelblatt, Shelly Baker, and Steve Rolfe. 

Victoria Cross Graves in South Africa (various photographers)

  1. Capt. David Reginald Younger. VC. Burgershoop Cemetery (DRW)
  2. John Francis David Shaul. VC. Boksburg Cemetery (DRW)
  3. FlLt. A.F.W. Beauchamp-Proctor. VC. Mafikeng Cemetery (Terry Cawood)
  4. Capt. Oswald Austin Reid. VC. Braamfontein Cemetery (DRW)
  5. Lt. Fred H.S. Roberts. VC. Chievely Military Cemetery (Eric Leach)
  6. Col. Edmund Hartley. VC. Brookwood Cemetery; Surrey, England. (Kevin Brazier)
  7. Lt Col. John Sherwood Kelly. VC. Brookwood Cemetery. (Kevin Brazier)
  8. James Langley Dalton VC. Russell Road RC Cemetery. (Glenn Olsen)
  9. Capt. The Hon R.H. de Montmorency VC. Molteno. (Eric Leach)
  10. Capt. Charles Herbert Mullins. VC. Grahamstown Old Cemetery. (Eric Leach)
  11. Capt. Edwin Swales. VC. Leopoldsburg War Cemetery (Jim Mandelblatt)
  12. Cpl JJ Clements VC. Newcastle Town Cemetery (Terry Cawood)
  13. Lt-Col JPH Crowe VC. Moth Hall (Uitenhage) (Ronnie Lovemore)
  14. Lt Teignmouth Melvill VC, Lt Nevill Coghill VC.. Fugitive’s Drift. (Ian Uys)
  15. Clr Sgt James Craig VC. St. Mary’s Cemetery, PE. (Ronnie Lovemore)
  16. Lt Robert Gorle VC. Stellawood Cemetery. (Shelly Baker)
  17. Pte John Barry VC. Belfast War Cemetery. (Terry Cawood)
  18. William Dick-Cunyngham VC. Ladysmith Cemetery, KZN. (Terry Cawood)
  19. Gustavus Coulson VC, Lambrechtfontein Cemetery. (Terry Cawood)
  20. Sgt. Alfred Atkinson VC. Paardeberg, Free State. (Terry Cawood)
  21. Robert Thomas Digby-Jones VC. Ladysmith Cemetery KZN. (Terry Cawood)
  22. Frank William Baxter VC. Bulawayo Town Cemetery. (Gerry Van Tonder)
  23. Captain Henry Cecil Dudgeon D’Arcy VC, King William’s Town. (Terry Cawood)
  24. Joseph Malone VC. St Andrew’s Churchyard, Pinetown, KZN. (Shelly Baker)
  25. Alexander Young VC. Thiepval Memorial, pier 4 face C. (Mark Green)
  26. Randolph Cosby Nesbitt VC. Anglican Cathedral, Harare, Zimbabwe (Gerry Van Tonder)
  27. Herbert Stephen Henderson VC. Bulawayo Town Cemetery. (Gerry Van Tonder)
  28. WF Faulds VC. Memorial Stone. National Memorial Arboretum. (DRW)
  29. Reginald Hayward VC Memorial Stone. National Memorial Arboretum (DRW)

Victoria Cross Graves in the UK (1) (Images all by DR Walker)

  1. A/Smn Albert E McKenzie. VC. Camberwell Old Cemetery
  2. Pte. William Stanlake. VC. DCM. Camberwell Old Cemetery
  3. Sgt. Robert Grant. VC. Highgate East Cemetery
  4. Sir Frederick Francis Maude VC. Brompton Cemetery
  5. Cpl Thomas Hancock. VC. Brompton Cemetery
  6. John Freeman. VC. Abney Park Cemetery
  7. F/Lt Reginald A J Warneford. VC. Brompton Cemetery  
  8. Pte. Samuel Parkes. VC. Brompton Cemetery
  9. L/Cpl Joseph John Farmer. VC. Brompton Cemetery
  10. Francis Wheatley. VC. Brompton Cemetery
  11. William Cafe. VC. Brompton Cemetery
  12. Sir Charles Craufurd Fraser. VC. Brompton Cemetery
  13. Col. Richard Wadeson. VC. Brompton Cemetery
  14. Sir Neville Reginald Howse. VC. Kensal Green Cemetery
  15. Guy Hudleston Boisragon. VC. Kensal Green Cemetery
  16. Sir Dighton Macnaghten Proby VC. Kensal Green Cemetery
  17. Sir Hugh Henry Gough. VC. Kensal Green Cemetery
  18. Sir Collingwood Dickson. VC. Kensal Green Cemetery
  19. John Grant Malcolmson. VC. Kensal Green Cemetery
  20. Sir Owen EP Lloyd VC. Kensal Green Cemetery
  21. Frederick R Aikman VC. Kensal Green Cemetery
  22. Edmund H Lenon VC. Kensal Green, London
  23. Herbert W James VC. Kensal Green Crem, London
  24. William S Trevor VC. Kensal Green Cem, London
  25. James Reynolds VC. St Mary’s RC Cem, London
  26. Thomas Joseph Crean VC. St Mary’s RC Cem, London
  27. Sir Luke O’Connor VC. St Mary’s RC Cem, London
  28. John Buckley VC. Tower Hamlets London
  29. John Danagher. VC. Portsmouth Milton Cemetery
  30. Sidney James Day. VC. Portsmouth Milton Cemetery
  31. Maj Genl Hugh Shaw. VC. Portsmouth Highland Road Cemetery
  32. Lt Col. William Temple. VC. Portsmouth Highland Road Cemetery
  33. Henry James Raby. VC. CB Portsmouth Highland Road Cemetery
  34. Hugh Stewart Cochrane. VC. Portsmouth Highland Road Cemetery
  35. William Nathan Wrighte Hewett. VC. Portsmouth Highland Road Cemetery
  36. Israel Harding. VC. Portsmouth Highland Road Cemetery
  37. L/Cpl William Goate. VC. Portsmouth Highland Road Cemetery
  38. Gnr. John Robarts.VC. Portsmouth Highland Road Cemetery
  39. Capt John Aidan Liddell VC. Basingstoke Holy Ghost Cemetery
  40. Cpl. Arthur H Cross. VC. MM. Streatham Park Cemetery

Victoria Cross Graves in the UK (II)

  1. Rear Adm John Bythesea. VC. Abbey Cemetery, Bath (DRW)
  2. Spencer John Bent VC. MM. West Norwood Crematorium (DRW)
  3. Daniel Burges.VC, DSO. Arnos Vale Crematorium, Bristol (DRW)
  4. Harry B Wood.VC. Arnos Vale Cemetery, Bristol (DRW)
  5. Gronow Davis. VC. Arnos Vale Cemetery, Bristol (DRW)
  6. James Cooper VC. Warstone Lane Cemetery, Birmingham (DRW)
  7. William James Thompson VC. Queen Str Cemetery, Walsall (DRW)
  8. John Henry Carless VC Walsall, Staffordshire (DRW)
  9. Maj. Richard Willis VC Prestbury Cemetery, Cheltenham DRW)
  10. John Simpson Knox VC. Prestbury Cemetery, Cheltenham (DRW)
  11. William George Nicholas Manley VC. Prestbury Cemetery, Cheltenham (DRW)
  12. Thomas de Courcy Hamilton VC. Prestbury Cemetery, Cheltenham (DRW)
  13. James Forbes-Robertson VC, DSO, MC, DL. Prestbury Cemetery, Cheltenham (DRW)
  14. Alfred Joseph Knight VC. MBE. Sutton Coldfield (Mark Green)
  15. Alfred Henry Hook. VC. Churcham, Gloucestershire (Steve Rolfe)
  16. Arthur Vickers VC. Witton Cemetery Birmingham.(Mark Green)
  17. Alfred Wilcox VC. Aston, Birmingham(Mark Green)
  18. Thomas Turrall VC. Robin Hood Cemetery, Solihull(Mark Green)
  19. Edward William Derrington Bell VC, CB. St Mary the Virgin Churchyard. Kempsey (Mark Green)
  20. Henry Ward VC. Great Malvern Cemetery (Mark Green)
  21. John Joseph Caffrey VC. Wilford Hill Cemetery, Nottingham (Mark Green)
  22. Charles Ernest Garforth VC Wilford Hill Cemetery (Mark Green)
  23. Robert Humpston VC General Cemetery Nottingham (Mark Green)
  24. Walter Richard Parker VC. Stapleford Cemetery, Nottingham (Mark Green)
  25. Frederick Brooks Dugdale VC. Longborough Churchyard, Longborough, Gloucs. (Mark Green)
  26. Alexander Hore-Ruthven VC. St John the Baptist Church, Shipton Moyne, Gloucs (Mark Green)
  27. Henry Lysons VC. St Peters’s Churchyard, Rodmartin, Gloucs (Mark Green)
  28. William Fraser McDonell VC. St Peter’s Churchyard. Leckhampton, Gloucs. (Mark Green)
  29. William Henry Johnson VC. MM. Redhill Cemetery, Nottingham (Mark Green)
  30. Samuel Morley VC. General Cemetery, Nottingham (Mark Green)
  31. Harry Nichols VC Wilford Hill Cemetery, Nottingham (Mark Green)
  32. William Wilson Allen VC Coleford Cemetery, Gloucestershire (Mark Green)
  33. Angus Buchanan VC. Monmouth Cemetery, Wales. (Mark Green)
  34. Robert Jones VC. Peterchurch Churchyard, Herefordshire (Mark Green)
  35. Francis George Miles VC St Peter’s Churchyard, Clearwell, Gloucestershire (Mark Green)
  36. James Power Carne VC. Cranham Churchyard, Gloucestershire (Mark Green) 
  37. George Hinckley VC. Ford Park Cemetery, Plymouth (Mark Green)
  38. Herbert Carter VC. St Erth Churchyard, Cornwall (Mark Green)
  39. Andrew Henry VC. Ford Park Cemetery, Plymouth (Mark Green)
  40. John Divane VC. Penzance Cemetery, Cornwall (Mark Green)

Victoria Cross Graves in the United Kingdom (3)

  1. Percival Scrope Marling VC  All Saints Church, Shelsey, Gloucestershire (Mark Green)
  2. Eugene Paul Bennett VC Vicenza Crematorium, Vicenza, Italy (DRW)
  3. Robert E Phillips VC. St Cyrus & St Julietta Churchyard, St Veep, Cornwall (Mark Green)
  4. William Odgers VC. St Stephens Churchyard, Saltash (Mark Green)
  5. William Savage VC. Town Cemetery, Falmouth (Mark Green)
  6. John Sheppard VC. Padstow Cemetery, Padstow, Cornwall. (Mark Green)
  7. Peter SW Roberts VC DSC. Holy Cross Churchyard, Newton Ferrers, Devon (Mark Green)
  8. George Ravenhill VC. Witton Cemetery, Birmingham (Mark Green)
  9. Anthony Clarke Booth VC. Brierley Hill, Staffordshire (Mark Green)
  10. Charles George Bonner VC. DSC. Aldridge, Staffordshire (Mark Green)
  11. George Onions VC. Quinton Cemetery, Birmingham (Mark Green)
  12. John Patrick Kenneally VC. St Michaels All Angels Rochford (Mark Green)
  13. Lewis Pugh Evans VC. Ceredigion, Wales (Mark Green)
  14. George Strong VC. Church of the Holy Cross, Sherstone Magna, Wiltshire (Mark Green)
  15. William Beesley VC. St Paul’s Cemetery, Coventry (Mark Green)
  16. William Amey VC. Royal Leamington Spa Cemetery, Leamington Spa (Mark Green)
  17. Charles Goodfellow VC Royal Leamington Spa Cemetery, Leamington Spa (Mark Green)
  18. Charles Parker VC. London Road Cemetery, Coventry (Mark Green)
  19. William Amey VC. Royal Leamington Spa Cemetery (Mark Green)
  20. John Rouse Merriott Chard VC. St John the Baptist Churchyard, Hatch Beauchamp (Mark Green)
  21. John Travers “Jack” Cornwell VC. City of London Cemetery, Manor Park, East London (Mark Green)
  22. George Leslie Drewry VC. City of London Cemetery, Manor Park, East London (Mark Green)
  23. John Joseph Sims VC. City of London Cemetery, Manor Park, East London (Mark Green)
  24. Frederick Sleigh Roberts VC. Statue, Horse Guards DRW
  25. Arthur Herbert Lindsay Richardson VC. St James Cemetery, Liverpool DRW 
  26. Lachhiman Gurung VC. Chiswick New Cemetery, London (Mark Green)
  27. Ankettel Moutray Read VC. Paving slab, Cheltenham
  28. Arthur Forbes Gordon Kilby VC. Paving slab, CheltenhamC

Victoria Cross Graves in the United Kingdom (4) 

  1. William Robert Fountaine Addison VC Brookwood Cemetery (Mark Green)
  2. Edgar Thomas Inkson VC, DSO Brookwood Cemetery (Mark Green)
  3. Cyril Hubert Frisby VC Brookwood Cemetery (Mark Green)
  4. James Hollowell VC Brookwood Cemetery (Mark Green)
  5. Wallace Duffield Wright VC, CB, CMG, DSO Brookwood Cemetery (Mark Green)
  6. William Reynolds VC Brookwood Cemetery (Mark Green)
  7. Ross Lowis Mangles VC Brookwood Cemetery (Mark Green)
  8. William Kenny VC Brookwood Cemetery (Mark Green)
  9. Ross Lowis Mangles VC Brookwood Cemetery (Mark Green)
  10. William Reynolds VC Brookwood Cemetery (Mark Green)
  11. Wallace Duffield Wright VC, CB, CMG, DSO Brookwood Cemetery (Mark Green)
  12. Matthew Fontaine Maury Meiklejohn VC  Brookwood Cemetery (Mark Green)
  13. Alfred Kirke Ffrench VC Brompton Cemetery (Mark Green)
  14. William Hope VC Brompton Cemetery (Mark Green)
  15. Frederick Hitch VC St Nicholas Churchyard, Chiswick. (Mark Green)

Victoria Cross Graves Elsewhere

  1. Noel Chavasse VC, MC.Brandhoek New Military Cemetery Belgium (Mark Green)
  2. Harold Ackroyd VC, MCBurr Cross Roads Cemetery, Zillebeke, Belgium (Mark Green)
  3. Frederick Harold Tubb VC. Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery, Lijssenthoek, Belgium (Mark Green)
  4. Clarence Smith Jeffries VC. Tyne Cot Cemetery, Passchendale, Belgium (Mark Green)
  5. Lewis McGee VC. Tyne Cot Cemetery, Zonnebeke, Belgium (Mark Green)
  6. James Peter Robertson VC. Tyne Cot Cemetery, Passchendale, Belgium (Mark Green)
  7. Frederick Birks VC. Perth Cemetery, Ypres, Belgium (Mark Green)
  8. Patrick Joseph Bugden VC. Hooge Crater Cemetery, Zillebeke, Belgium (Mark Green)
  9. Nelson Victor Carter VC. Royal Irish Rifles, Lavente, France (Mark Green)
  10. James Llewellyn Davies VC. Canada Farm Cemetery, Elverdinghe, Belgium (Mark Green)
  11. Eric Stuart Dougall VC, MC. Westoutre British Cemetery, Heuvelland, Belgium (Mark Green)
  12. Alfred George Drake VC. La Brique Military Cemetery, Ypres, Belgium (Mark Green)
  13. Bertram Best-Dunkley VC. Mendingham Military cemetery, Proven, Belgium (Mark Green)
  14. Thomas Riversdale Colyer-Fergusson VC. Menin Road South Cemetery, Ypres, Belgium (Mark Green)
  15. Francis Octavius Grenfell VC. Vlamertinghe Military Cemetery, Ypres, Belgium. (Mark Green)
  16. Louis McGuffie VC. Zantvoorde British Cemetery, Belgium (Mark Green)
  17. Rupert Price Hallowes VC, MC. Bedford House Cemetery, Zillebeke, Belgium (Mark Green)
  18. William Henry Johnston VC. Perth Cemetery, Ypres, Belgium (Mark Green)
  19. John Lynn VC, DCM. Grootbeek Cemetery, Belgium (Mark Green)
  20. Donald Mackintosh VC. Brown’s Copse Cemetery, Roeux, France (Mark Green)
  21. Francis Aylmer Maxwell VC, CSI, DSO. Ypres Reservoir Cemetery, Ypres, Belgium (Mark Green)
  22. John Norwood VC. Plot 4, Sablonnieres Communal Cemetery, France (Mark Green)
  23. Clement Robertson VC. Oxford Road Cemetery, Ypres, Belgium (Mark Green)
  24. John Kendrick Skinner VC, DCM. Vlamertinghe New Miliitary Cemetery, Belgium. (Mark Green)
  25. Reverend Bernard William Vann VC, MC. Bellicourt British Cemetery, France. (Mark Green)
  26. Frederick Youens VC. Railway Dugouts Burial Ground, Belgium (Mark Green)
  27. James McCudden VC, DSO*, MC*, MM. British War Cemetery at Beauvoir-Wavans (Mark Green)

VC Inscriptions. Pages have been created for:

  1. Geoffrey Saxton White VC, Tower Hill Merchant Navy Memorial. (DRW)
  2. Frederick Daniel Parslow VC, Portsmouth Naval Memorial. (DRW)
  3. John Wallace Linton VC, DSO, DSC. Portsmouth Naval Memorial. (DRW)
  4. Gerard Broadmead Roope VC Portsmouth Naval Memorial. (DRW)
  5. Alfred Edward Sephton VC Portsmouth Naval Memorial. (DRW)
  6. Frederick Thornton Peters VC, DSO, DSC Portsmouth Naval Memorial. (DRW)
  7. William Charles Williams VC Portsmouth Naval Memorial. (DRW)
  8. Walter Mills VC Oldham War Memorial (DRW)
  9. James Kirk VC Oldham War Memorial (DRW)
  10. William Mariner VC Thiepval Memorial (Mark Green)
  11. Alexander Young VC Thiepval Memorial (Mark Green)
  12. Thomas Orde Lawder Wilkinson VC Thiepval Memorial (Mark Green)
  13. Eric Norman Frankland Bell VC Thiepval Memorial (Mark Green)
  14. William Frederick “Billy” McFadzean VC Thiepval Memorial (Mark Green)
  15. Geoffrey St George Shillington Cather Thiepval Memorial (Mark Green)
  16. John Franks Vallentin VC. Menin Gate (Mark Green)
  17. Dennis George Wyldbore Hewitt VC Menin Gate (Mark Green)
  18. Edward Warner VC Menin Gate (Mark Green)
  19. Frederick William Hall VC Menin Gate (Mark Green)
  20. Charles Fitzclarence VC Menin Gate (Mark Green)
  21. Frederick Fisher VC. Menin Gate (Mark Green)
  22. Ernest Frederick Beal VC.  Arras Memorial to the Missing. (Mark Green)
  23. Bernard Matthew Cassidy VC.  Arras Memorial to the Missing. (Mark Green)
  24. Alexander Edwards VC  Arras Memorial to the Missing. (Mark Green)
  25. Lanoe George Hawker VC, DSO. Arras Memorial to the Missing. (Mark Green)
  26. David Philip Hirsch VC. Arras Memorial to the Missing. (Mark Green)
  27. John “Jack” Harrison VC, MC Arras Memorial to the Missing. (Mark Green)
  28. John MacLaren Erskine VC Arras Memorial to the Missing. (Mark Green)
  29. Basil Arthur Horsfall VC Arras Memorial to the Missing. (Mark Green)
  30. Edward Corringham “Mick” Mannock VC, DSO, MC.,  Arras Memorial to the Missing. (Mark Green)
  31. Richard Basil Brandram Jones VC,  Arras Memorial to the Missing. (Mark Green)
  32.  George Jarratt VC.  Arras Memorial to the Missing. (Mark Green)
  33. William Hackett VC Ploegsteert Memorial to the Missing. (Mark Green)
  34. Thomas Tannatt Pryce VC, MC* Ploegsteert Memorial to the Missing. (Mark Green)
  35. James MacKenzie VC Ploegsteert Memorial to the Missing. (Mark Green)

VC pages not necessarily tied to a grave 

  1. Arthur Martin Leake VC* 
  2. Sir William Babtie VC, KCB, KCMG.
  3. Joseph Farmer VC
  4. William Temple VC.
  5. William George Manley VC.
  6. Harry Norton Schofield VC
  7. Sir Walter Norris Congreve VC KCB, MVO, DL
  8. George Nurse VC
  9. William Barnsley Allen VC. DSO. MC*.
  10. George Allan Maling VC.
  11.  William Ratcliffe VC. MM. 

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