The Twinns Move House (5)

The big day dawned and chaos (as is usual in these things) was of the order of the day. Fortunately the Twinns were all moved and waiting by the time I got to the new place so I did not have to concern myself about them for awhile.
Amanda and Brenda were helping sort out the DVD’s and paperbacks. “Brenda, now that I see all these X-Files episodes, whatever happened to Alison, Megan and Rosa? you know, the Magic Attic Girls.”
“Good question Amanda, in the hubbub of moving I don’t thing anybody even thought about them. I don’t even recall seeing them at the meeting we had before we left. Lets go check their usual spot.”

Brenda was correct, the Magic Attic Girls were in their usual spot already. “Hi girls!” Amanda cried, waving at Megan, Rosa and Alison.

“Hi Amanda, Brenda.” the Magic Attic girls chorused.
“So the Twinns finally got here I see.” Alison said to Rosa and Megan.
“What did you expect Ali? Twinns just have too much baggage to carry with them, unlike you Magic Attic girls.” Brenda replied.

“Well, we kind of knew the Magic Attic girls always look after themselves.” Amanda explained.
“That’s right Amanda, the moment we heard that we were about to move house we made our plans.” Rosa said.
“And, while everybody was trying to squeeze themselves into boxes we moved ourselves.” Alison said.
“But how did you do it?” Brenda asked. “I know I never saw the three of you move. One moment you were there, the next you were gone.”
“Ah Brenda, that’s because us Magic Attic girls have the key to the Magic Attic. And once you have that key anything is possible.” Megan explained.

“Well, that explains it all. I think we must ask Cait if we can get a magic key too. Although I suspect poor Cait has enough keys to carry around with her nowadays.” Amanda said.
“Does that key do unpacking?” Brenda enquired. “Because if it does the bossman would sure like to use it as there is still so much to unpack, and he needs all the help he can get. “

However, the move was not without it’s problems, and we soon discovered that an important member of the household had gone missing….

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