The Twinns Move House (4)

A week later I moved another 8 Twinns and by the weekend the flat was looking like a bomb had hit it. Only a few Twinns were now left. Caitlyn and Dawn stood on the balcony for the last time. “This is it Dawn, the last time we will stand on this balcony.”

“It’s kinda sad, we had a lot of good times on this balcony. Do you remember the dreaded Twinn gobbling orange rapid viper?”
“Who could ever forget that escapade. I still don’t know where you got the energy to leap into our arms like that Dawn.”

“Never mind that, what happened to my hair??” Dawn asked in horror.
“Don’t you remember? you went through a stage of strange hair.”
“I think I will rather forget it thanks.”

Caitlyn and Dawn went inside to where the huge pile of boxes waited to be transported.

“Just think of how many new Twinns made their debut here,” Caitlyn said, leaning on a box.
“Most of them passed through here at some point. And for some this was their first home too.”
“Myself included.” Caitlyn recalled.
“You were the first Twinn on the continent Cait, that’s an accomplishment all on its own.”
“And you were the second Dawn, and don’t you forget that! Come, lets go to the bedroom. Tina is briefing us all and I need to see all of you safely into your boxes.”

There were only 5 Twinns left. Amanda, Dawn, Nicole, Tina and Caitlyn. “OK girls, we are the last load of Twinns to go. Dawn and Amanda can take one box and Nicole and I will take the other.”
“Who will pack you Cait?” Amanda asked.
“I will leave with the Bossman a day or two before the move Amanda.”
“Just make sure they don’t leave you behind!”
“That’s the least of my worries Nicky, I am holding thumbs that the weather holds. We have had some pretty strange weather lately.”
“Let’s not tempt fate girls. We must be positive that all will go well. Grab your goodies, lets get everybody sealed up and ready for transport. Cait, will you do the honours?”

Caitlyn and I sealed the last of the Twinns into their boxes and I took them to their new home while Caitlyn remained behind checking for any odd bits and pieces that still needed packing, I had especially reminded her to check under the bed.

“Lots of dust bunnies, a tool box and… oh, my hat! I have been looking for it for quite awhile. Mustn’t forget my hat. Nothing else that needs packing though, it’s all pickup and load stuff left here.” She said to herself. Then she clambered up into the top cupboard to check that all was out there too.

“Nope, nothing left up here. Gee, it would have made a nice private little pad for me. Pity I never got up here before. The Bossman seems to have everything packed so I guess all that’s left is for me to be moved”.
When I got back I loaded more stuff into my car and Caitlyn climbed into her box with her little suitcase by her side and her precious hat next to her. “OK Bossman, lets go….”

And so I sealed Caitlyn in her box and took her across to the new flat. It was quiet when I got home, the first time since 2004 that there were no Twinns in sight. I kind of miss them and I hope they are behaving themselves at our new home. I wouldn’t want the neighbours to complain about them singing rowdy dolly songs till all hours of the morning. The big day is only 1 day away now, only 2 more sleeps…..

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