The New Pets (3)

The next day Sally was sitting on the balcony, enjoying some time out with a book of puzzles and some surprisingly nice winter weather. She hated to admit it but missed Clinton Croc and his endless speeches.

Her puzzle was interrupted by the arrival of Brenda. “Hi Sally, how are the puzzles going?”
“Hi Bren, wow, a new look! I like it. The puzzles are not going too well, I was never good at those “a man has 12 apples and 10 children, how many apples will he have when a train leaves New York doing 33 miles an hour.”
“Oh those? I was never much good at them myself. I am more of a “how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood” type Twinn myself.

“Sally,” Brenda continued. “We had a Twinn Council meeting yesterday about the new pets and I discussed with the girls how much you miss Clinton. I then made a suggestion to them which is why I am here. Do you remember Copacabana Croc?”
“Who could forget him and his colourful pals. Wow, they sure brightened the place up, Ye Olde Croc and Keg used to bounce when they strolled in”.

“Well, as you know I have a lot on my plate and already take care of Carruthers; so I wanted you to please take over Copa for me. As you know he is an active fellow and I just can’t keep up with him.”
“Brenda? But Chandler brought him here for you.”
“I know, and I spoke to her and the girls on the Twinn Council and we all think having Copa as a pet will do you good.”
“I agree wholeheartedly Miss Sally. This Astonishing Brenda Twinn just can’t keep up with me, I need a Twinn with Fiiiiiiiiire in her armature.” Copacabana said.
“Well, he sure doesn’t make speeches the way Clinton did, but he is pure funk and soul.”
“Thanks Brenda.” Sally said, swallowing back the tears. “I really appreciate it, I have been missing Clinton, especially lately what with him electioneering again. Besides, I believe Copa is the Limbo Champ and I sure would like to learn how to Limbo.
Copacanaba clambered onto Sally’s lap. “Ooooooooooh, how low can you go Miss Sally?”
“Only as low as as you teach me Copa.”

And so it came to pass that Sally had a new pet too. He is teaching her how to limbo and she is teaching him how to eat chocolates without getting fat. When asked for a comment, Clinton Croc was heard to say: “My Fellow Americans, ask not what your croc can do for you, ask rather what you can do for your croc!” Or something like that.

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