The New Pets (2)

Amanda took over the chair.

“Thanks Cait. As everybody knows, the Bossman has been away and on his return he handed over some pets to me to take care of and to arrange for distribution to some of the Twinns. I would like some nominations for each pet.
Firstly, we have Winston, a British born bulldog of even temperament and perpetual noisy breathing. Then we have Jinx, a pussy cat from HMS Belfast, a mouser of note with a penchant for Pussers Rum. Finally, we have Hamish, an Indeterminate Terrier who barks with an accent, who can’t see out of his eyes and who has a tendency to widdle on other people’s shoes.

There was some discussion amongst the Twinns but generally everybody felt that Nicole was the perfect owner for the British Bulldog. “Nicole has been very lonely and as we all know she is a very serious Twinn. I think a Bulldog will suit her down to the ground.” There were murmurs of agreement, a quick vote and Winston had a new owner.
Jinx the ship’s cat was another story altogether. It was argued that seeing as Jinx was such a good mouser that her owner had to be good at everything too, and the only Twinns that were good at everything were Caities. “Anastasia has been with us for a long time, and she is excellent with everybody else’s pets, lets give her a pet of her own, because Caities are very good pet owners”.
Finally Hamish was allocated to Erin. “Erin has been studying towards her forensics exam and has been using Waffles as a sniffer dog. Hamish could then become the official sniffer dog of C&D Detective agency, and Erin could be in charge of the newly formed K9 division.”
“That’s about it I guess. I am sure more pets will come available soon.” Amanda concluded.
“Before we go any further, I would like to raise a point.” Brenda said.

“Sure Bren, what’s on your mind?” Caitlyn asked.
“Well, as you all know, Sally used to have a pet croc called Clinton who stayed behind in the USA. Something about inoculations, elections and handbags. When Chandler came here she brought along Copacabana Croc for me. I now have responsibility for Carruthers and Copacabana Croc but I would like to give Copacabana to Sally to take care of as she no longer has a pet since she came to South Africa. I have discussed it with Chandler and she has no objections so I would like to ask that we adopt a motion that Copacabana be given to Sally to take care of.” Brenda explained.
“That’s a great suggestion Brenda, I think it will help Sally a lot because she does miss Clinton and his endless speeches, and I know an Emma without a croc is like a Caitie without a biscuit.”
“Hear Hear! And speaking of biscuits….” Dawn said.

The motion was passed unopposed.
“I will pass Copa onwards to Sally when she gets back from the Mall. She will be surprised”. Brenda explained.
“Amanda, will you please fetch the new pets while Heather calls the recipients.”

Nicole was thrilled to meet her new pet. “I have always loved proper British Bulldogs,” she said, “and I am honoured to finally have one to call my own.” Winston slobbered over her shoe in glee.

“See. he likes you already Nicole.” Brenda said.
Anastasia was equally happy to meet Jinx. “Oh goodie, I can teach her how to chase Hadedahs. Those crummy birds keep me awake in the mornings with their eternal racket.”
“I will help.” said Dawn. “I still owe one of those birds a chainsawing for trying to drop me over the highway.”

Erin, junior detective and learner forensics expert was equally happy with her new K9 companion. “Now we can start doing tracking and chase bad guys and capture crooks!”

Sarah Willow was sceptical, “I don’t know, Indeterminate Terrier’s are not really bloodhound material Erin. I expect they….”
But Hamish was too busy using Sarah Willows leg as a tree.

“Uho, somebody from the K9 Division had better find the Mop of Infinite Cleanliness.” Dawn joked.
The meeting was over, the agenda had been dealt with. “Well, If that’s all the business there was I think we can declare this meeting adjourned. Tea up! Anybody want to join me in some Rubber Monster Mayhem?” Caitlyn announced.

“I second that motion, because certain Twinns have to go change their shoes.” Dawn said. “But I would like to point out that certain other Twinns have been so busy taking the minutes they forgot that the tea has gotten cold. Heatherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!”

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