The Monitor Stand

The Twinns had heard me muttering about “no space on my computer desk” and decided to do something about it. Sarah Willow, Justyn and Alison all decided to contribute towards a project to make me some sort of monitor stand/keyboard recess drawer. Alas, it was a gloomy day and so they also decided to work indoors and leave sawdust all over the place. Justyn was persuaded to handle the saw and with Alison watching and Sarah consulting made short work of a piece of handy wood. “Make sure you cut along the line Justyn” Sarah advised.
“I was hoping there was a jigsaw in the toolbox Sarah, and this is not quite the correct saw to use here.” Alison said.
“Let me know when I am near the bottom of the cut girls, I am relying on your guidance here.” Justyn reminded everybody.

Sarah laid out the 4 pieces of wood that would form the basic stand. “This is what I am trying to achieve here,” She explained. Of course we must just get these pieces in the centre.”
“Well, if we draw a centre line along the base and the long piece of wood that should ensure we have both sides equidistant.” Alison contributed.
“I am just glad that we do not have to cut any more wood, sawing is hard work.”
“I think we should persuade the bossman to buy a jigsaw.” Sarah said thoughtfully.
“Jigsaw? I just remembered, we could have used Dawn’s chainsaw.” Justyn replied, always looking for an excuse to use Dawn’s chainsaw.

Sarah measured the length of the base and then divided it in half, then she drew a line at the half way point. “That’s our middle line. Let me just measure the long piece of wood and then we can drill the holes for the chipboard screws.”

The holes marked, they set the baseboard down again and Justyn fetched the cordless drill. “I bet you the batteries are flat.” He said knowingly.
“That’s the usual story with these things Justyn, the batteries are either flat or they suddenly die as you are drilling the last hole.
Justyn drilled the first of 3 holes along the wood. “Uho, that drill sounds as if it’s about to die.”
“Yep, just as I thought, the batteries are busy dieing. We better put them on charge.”
“The bossman charged these not too long ago, I think those batteries are finished.”
“Oh well, it takes 3 hours for the batteries to charge, so we may as well go do something else and meet back here in 3 hours.” Sarah said.
“Drat, I was so hoping to get this thing finished today.” Alison added, “I hate leaving a project half done.”

“Well, I can do the rest of the measurements so long while Justyn gets the batteries into the charger, then once the drill is charged we only have to drill the holes and add the screws.” Sarah said, picking up her pencil.
“That’s a great plan. I will do the charging so long.” Justyn said.
“And I will go look for some chipboard screws.” Alison added.

Three hours later everybody was back, Alison with a pile of chipboard screws, and Justyn with the recharged battery pack for the drill. “Right, now where did we leave off?” Sarah said.
“We had to drill those screw holes finished and screw the whole thing together. Did you mark the places where we were going put the sides Sarah?”
“Yes I did Alison, let’s get down to business again.”
“Drill, don’t let me down now!” Justyn said as he squeezed the trigger, giving the drill a test run.
Alison intervened, “Let me first check that the bit is tight in the chuck Justyn, otherwise it’s liable to stand still and spin you around instead.”

Once the drill was running and the bit was in to Alison’s satisfaction they made short thrift of drilling the rest of the holes for the screws. “I found this beading Sarah, can we use it?”
“Sure Ali, this wood is chipboard so it has very rough edges, we can cut small pieces of it and try glue it to the front of the 2 end pieces.”
“I also found some cold wood glue, that should hold them into place.”
“Great stuff Ali, that will add a nice finish to the job.”

The 3 of them set to finishing off the project.

Justyn and Sarah screwed in the screws that held the whole thing together, at first they used the cordless drill until the battery died on them once again. “Somebody should tell the bossman he needs a new battery for this thing.”
“Typical, it always dies on the last screw. Justyn, see if you can get that screw in by hand.”

Then they dollhandled the new stand onto the table and, after much heaving and ho-ing, managed to get my extra heavy monitor onto the new stand. There was also space for the speakers next to the monitor, and of course the keyboard could slip underneath it when it was not used.

Even Carruthers and his new friend Casey were impressed. “Great job guys.” He commented.
“Thanks Carruthers, do you think the bossman will like it?” Alison asked.
“I am sure he will, he has been muttering about the monitor for ages. he will be really surprised when he gets back.”
“I think he will even be more surprised when he gets back and finds the mess we made, come Alison, Justyn, lets go clean up and put the tools away.”
“Rightho Sarah.” Alison said, scooping up an errant piece of wood. “You do know that we shouldn’t have been using tools with our long hair. We should have tied it up.”
‘You are correct Ali, it’s not safe workshop practise to work with tools without taking adequate safety precautions. Just imagine what the bossman have said if one of us had gotten hurt? or lost a limb.”
“Oh I don’t know, I have always thought a pegleg and a hook would really suit a gal like me.” Alison said jokingly.
“Just for that I think Alison can sweep up all the sawdust.”
“Sweep? Huh! I shall call upon my faithful vacuum cleaner. Together we shall rid the world of sawdust and other bits of aimless wood chips.”

And they all burst out laughing and headed off to tidy up and return some sort of normality to the flat.

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