The arrival of Sally (2)

Later that same day the Noble Order of Emmas were having their April meeting. All the Emmas and a number of the crocs gathered around the table in their usual seats.

Corky pounded on the table with the wooden radish. “I officially call this meeting to order,” she announced. “Are there any items of business or can we go right to the refreshments?”
Cavendish cleared his throat. He was a stickler for parliamentary procedure. “Miss Corky, I believe we omitted reading the minutes of the last meeting.”
“Oh, right. Who has the minutes?”
“I do,” said Taryn, “But why don’t we just skip them this month?”
“It would not be cricket to skip something so important,” Cavendish insisted.
“Well, OK. The March meeting of the Noble Order of Emmas was held on Saturday, March 11. In attendance were Corky, Carin, Sally, Taryn, Penny, and Kerry. Also in attendance were Carlisle, Cavendish, Clinton, Chattanooga, Campbell, Cleveland, and Catherine. The minutes were read by Kerry. There was no new or old business. The meeting concluded with a celebration of Carlisle’s return. We had chocolate milk, chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream, and we sang rowdy dolly songs until almost 2 a.m.”
“Yes, I can see why we should have skipped those minutes,” said Corky. “I think we all had headaches the next day.”
“But it was good headache,” said Carin.
Taryn handed the minutes book to Penny because it was Penny’s turn to take minutes in April.
“I have something to discuss,” said Sally.
“Excuse me, Miss Sally,” said Cavendish, “but I believe I had an earlier spot on the agenda. I would like to introduce my chum, Cromwell. We served together in the foreign office–“
Just as Cavendish was introducing his friend, there was a crash and Yrene suddenly materialized in the middle of the table. All the Emmas jumped up, startled.

“Oh dear,” said Yrene, “I just can’t make this thing work! Sorry to drop in on you so dramatically.”
“That’s OK.” Carin helped Yrene down and Kerry got a chair for her.
“I have come from the Planet Yrbittia to express our thanks to all of you Emmas for letting Carlisle come to us,” Yrene said. “Our whole planet is very grateful.”
“I’m glad I could help,” said Carlisle modestly.
“But if you disappear like that again we are going to clobber you,” joked Taryn.
“I bring greetings from a Yrbittianese Emma who would like to join your group.” Yrene unfolded a picture which she had in her pocket. Everyone gathered around to look at it.
“Wow, she is pretty,” said Sally.
“She’s very unusual,” Carin agreed. “But Yrene, we have a rule here that the Noble Order of Emmas must have an even number. I’m not sure why but it is an old legend and we’ve always followed it. It’s something to do with balance in the Twinn Continuum.”

“But that is what I wanted to tell you,” said Sally. “I would like to go over to the Tumbling Twinns. So if this new Emma comes you will still have an even number. I am just a bit scared of the long trip. I will need lots of snacks to tide me over.”

“Oh Sally, we will miss you, are you sure you want to go?” all the girls said.
“It’s not as if she will be gone forever”, Cokey said, “we sent Brenda over there and we still are in touch with her and she is still a member of the Noble order of Emmas Overseas division. So it would be OK, I guess,” said Corky. “But what about Clinton? After all, you brought him to the Continuum.”
“What do you say, Clinton? Want to go to South Africa?” Sally asked.
“Well, my fellow Americans, that is a very tempting invitation. I am certain that they could use my negotiating skills over there. But my wife is running for President and I think I need to be here to help her campaign.”
“Yes, we wouldn’t want to deprive Hillary,” chucked Kerry. “He really thinks he is the real President Clinton,” she whispered to Penny, who nodded.

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