The Arrival of Igor/ina (4)

Aka: The Mysterious Stranger That Came One Night (4)

The 2008 Twinn Council was having their last meeting before handing over to the new Twinn Council in 2009. The usual group were gathered around, eager to get it over with and head out to enjoy the brief interlude of bearable weather. Caitlyn opened the meeting, secretly hoping that Heather would not raise the issue about “the ritual” like she did last time the Twinn council met.

“Girls, there are a few things on the agenda for our last meeting of 2008, but there are two important items that need to be addressed.”
“A lack of chocolate biccies?” Dawn suggested.
“No no”, Caitlyn said hurriedly. “Name changes.”
“Chocolate biccies have other names?” Heather asked, looking somewhat more confused than normal.
“Nope. Elinor, as everybody knows, is being renamed, and we wanted to schedule the ceremony over December. But in the interim, there have been 2 more requests for name changes and 2 new arrivals”.
“Wow, who wants a new name?” Brenda asked.
“Lily-Su and Anastasia.”
“Why would a Caitie want a new name? I thought they were perfect already.” Sarah snickered.
Dawn glared back, “Caities can do anything they want. I expect that she needs space on her business cards so that she can mention all her skills.”
“A likely story if ever I heard one.” Brenda said.
“Ok Ok, before World War Twinn breaks out, I have done the paperwork and have asked Skye if she can keep an afternoon free. We will be doing it at a picnic at Elinors new house for that day. There will be snacks!”
“Snakes? But I am afraid of snakes!” Heather said.

“Snacks Heather, not snakes.” Everybody chorused.

“When is it scheduled for Cait? quite a few of the girls are on assignments and busy this December.” Amanda reminded Caitlyn.
“I know Amanda, the problem is that with the very odd weather we have been having its very difficult to schedule anything! It is going to be a last minute thing on very short notice. But, I do suggest that we be aware of it just in case it happens.”
“Okey dokey.” Dawn said. “What else is in the pipeline Cait?”
“Well, at our last meeting we put forward the names for the new Twinn Council for 2009. We just need to make it official, so can we please pass a resolution of appointment so that we can pass the buck as it were. We need those new armatures in charge and we are lucky that there are a number of very capable Twinns who can lead us into the new year.”
“That sounds fair enough to me. I would like to nominate Chandler, Justyn, Jeanette, Skye and Virginia as we intended.” Amanda said.

“No arguments or thousand questions from here. I second the nomination.” Dawn affirmed.
“They have my vote Cait.” Brenda said.
“And mine.” Sarah agreed.
“Heather, will you still be available to be the secretary?” Caitlyn asked.
“Sure Cait, you know how I love this official stuff.”
“Excellent stuff.” Caitlyn said. “That makes things so much easier, the last function I will officiate at will be the naming ceremony.”
“And they can fight it out for the post of chief Poohbah and we can watch.” Dawn said, rubbing her hands together in glee.
“That’s all I have to say, anybody from the floor have any issues that need raising?”
“Yes, I would like to admire Brenda’s new look.” Sarah said.
“I have to agree there, although that wig looks familiar.” Amanda commented.
“Thanks everybody, actually it’s Paige’s old wig, I thought I would try it out while she was away.”

“It suits you Bren. And do you know there are lizards running all over your shirt??” Dawn remarked.
“Dawn, it’s a Salon DeJo special. They are very popular with the girls back at the Continuum.”
“Oh, that reminds me, that Igor Twinn that arrived the other day, does anybody have any comments? I was speaking to the girls at the Continuum on the hotline and they are not able to make out what he or her is. Apparently he arrived, went into sickbay, was examined and then promptly disappeared. Next thing we know he pops up here as a her and we have had wonky weather ever since.”
“What do you expect, he, or should I say she, is an Audrey!” Dawn said with a snigger.
“So is Heather!” everybody pointed out.
“You see my point?” Dawn continued “Audreys do things like this all the time.”
“A reminder oh Twinn of a Thousand Questions, the current chief Poohbah is also an Audrey”. Caitlyn said sarcastically. “And, the chief Poohbah can confiscate your biscuit rations!”
“Whaaaaaaat? no ways! don’t let me get out my chainsaw here.” Dawn argued back.
Heather raised a hand. “Cait, where is the “any key” on this computer? I can’t find it anywhere?”
That killed off any further discussion and the last meeting of the Twinn Council of 2008 was brought to a close.
“Thanks everybody, I am confident that the new Twinn Council will govern wisely, and that Chandler will make a super chief Poohbah. Hopefully new ideas and plans and will be decided upon and they can solve the age old chocolate biscuit question. Right, where is our chief tea maker? Heatherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!”

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