The Arrival of Chandler

One fine Saturday, Brenda had stayed at home while the rest of the Twinns were out doing their thing. She had some catching up to do and was enjoying a bit of quiet time. It was tough work keeping abreast of things that affected the esoteric and Brenda, while being able to tell fortunes and read palms was always first to admit she was not clairvoyant so she liked to be prepared for the unexpected. She busied herself polishing her crystal ball, humming a tune she had heard on radio WTWINN where Elinor worked.

In the distance she heard the doorbell ring. “Drat, that always happens whenever I settle down to catch up on my chores. And nobody is here either so I better go answer it.”
Brenda opened the door and saw it was another Twinn. She looked familiar too.
“Good morning, I am looking for “The Astonishing Brenda. Fortunes told and palms read.” The Twinn asked.

“That’s me.” Brenda replied, musing that everybody seemed to think that “The Astonishing Brenda. Fortunes told and palms read” was her real name.
“Oh goodie, I was worried I had come to the wrong place. My name is Chandler, I come from the Twinn Continuum.”

“Chandler? Oh yes, now I know where I remembered you from, The girls sent me pics of your arrival at the Continuum and you had no hair!”
“You remembered that? wow, I was hoping that not too many Twinns saw that. It was kind of embarrassing. All I needed was a lollipop and I would have looked like Kojak.”

“Where are my manners? come inside Chandler, you must have a cup of tea with me, I have just made some of this strange “rooibos” tea that they drink here, it’s not too bad, a bit of an acquired taste though. Then you can explain me how you ended up here in the first place.”
“You better help me with this box though. It’s kind of heavy.”
Chandler and Brenda brought in the box and took it to the balcony. “Sit down Chandler while I pour the tea and you can tell me all about it.”
“Thanks Brenda. It’s one of those strange stories, and I don’t really know everything about it, but Carlisle sent me.”
“He did? that’s wonderful. I was very worried about him. I was running around all over putting up lost croc posters, even though I knew there was very little chance that he had ended up in South Africa. Somebody said that he may have ended up being packed up with Anastasia and escaped when her box got opened and went missing.”

“We were all very relieved when he popped up again. The Emmas were really aimless and lost without him, and the Cookies, well they just jumped right in and tried to take over.”
“Oh those Cookies are sneaky, give them the hand and they take the whole armature.”
“Anyway, Carlisle said I must give this box to you, and that you must open it up immediately.”

Brenda unwrapped the box and opened it up. A hot pink croc jumped out of the box and peered over the rim.
“Hot dog! I was waiting for that box to open, I have been cooped up in there so long my eyeballs want to pop out.”

Brenda was taken aback. “Um, I am glad I could help. Welcome to South Africa. My name is Brenda.”
“Brenda? as in “The Astonishing Brenda. Fortunes told and palms read.”?
“The very same.”
“Oh, then I am at the right place, my name is Copacabana, I represent the colourful croc species.”

“Pleased to meet you Copacabana, where did you get such an unusual name from?”
“My mother was a Barry Manilow fan. Do you remember the song…..

…..At the Copa, Copacabana
The hottest spot north of Havana
At the Copa, Copacabana
Music and passion were always the fashion.

And I, Copacabana, am the Hottest Croc north of Havanna. But you can call me Copa.”
Chandler burst out laughing, “well that explains why the airport x-ray machines were going crazy with Copacabana doing the rumba around in there. I wish Carlisle had said he was sending a croc in a case.” Chandler explained. “Oh, and before I forget there are some other goodies in there too, and a special Croc bubble blower.”

“Thanks Chandler, and Copa. I bet the other girls will be really happy to see some new goodies, and to meet such a colourful croc. I know Carruthers will want to have a chat with you Copa. Chandler, what are your long term plans?”
“I don’t really know Brenda, all I was told was that there was an opening at Tumbling Twinns and Carlisle needed somebody to deliver this box. I was sort of “inbetween assignments” at the Continuum so volunteered. I am hoping that you guys could squeeze me in.”
“I am sure we can, Caitlyn will twist the Bossman’s arm and he will see about expanding our spot for us. The next thing you know you will be one of the gang.”
“Oh goodie, now when can we meet the rest of the girls? I have heard all about Dawn and can’t wait to meet her.”

Later that afternoon Chandler and Erin helped Sarah Willow to take some measurements for an extension to their table. And when it was completed Chandler joined the rest of the Tumbling Twinns, bringing with her new stories to tell and new friends as well as an opportunity to expand our knowledge, and even Dawn was heard to say “These Kissy Kates are very cheerful.”

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