The Arrival of Brenda (2)

Caitlyn, Amanda and Dawn were outside on the balcony, it was a pleasant morning, not too hot and with a nice cool breeze blowing. I could hear them playing, and while they were so engrossed I went and fetched yet another large mysterious parcel from the Post Office. I knew that it was Brenda inside the box and after unpacking her we quickly decided to see about fooling the Twinns once again. As usual we roped in the ever willing Alison who was going to help with introducing the Twinns to their new sister.

“All in together; dusty, dusty weather. Skip, skip, skip; we all fall down!!” The Twinns chanted as Dawn valiantly tried to master the long lost art of skipping.

“I am not good at this Caitlyn, I think my joints are too old and cranky to bear the strain,” Dawn said, trying desperately to figure out when was the best time to jump over the twirling rope. Her voluminous skirt didn’t help much either and she had made many false starts.
“Come on Dawn, this is child’s play I hear, it can’t be that difficult?” Amanda said, knowing full well that she wouldn’t be able to jump over the twirling rope either.
Caitlyn considered the problem, “You know what is wrong? Twinns don’t have knees! I don’t think we will master this too easily.”

Amanda suddenly gasped, “Look!! a snake!!!”
“A snake? I don’t like snakes!” Dawn said.

“Snakes? yikes!! snakes are not my favourite thing either. I don’t know about you two but I am going to get on that chair and never come down!!” and, having said that, Caitlyn jumped onto the chair, followed closely by Amanda.
Dawn, her self proclaimed old and cranky joints forgotten, took a flying leap and landed in the arms of the other 2 Twinns.

“What will we do now? where is the boss man when you need him? Caitlyn asked.
“Maybe Alison can help. She is good with things like that. Alisonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!”
“Alisssssssssssssooooooon, Help!!!” All 3 Twinns shouted.
Alison winked slyly at me then hopped off the table and ran to the balcony where the Twinns waited on the chair. “Hi guys, whats wrong? why are you standing on the chair?” Alison asked nonchalantly.
“Its a snake Alie, one of the dreaded Twinn gobbling orange rapid vipers. They are very dangerous to Twinns.” Caitlyn said knowingly.
“Yes, and it wants to eat Amanda!” Said Dawn, hoping that she wouldn’t become lunch.
“And have Dawn for pudding, ” said Amanda, determined to not go down alone.
I could hear that the Twinn’s imagination was already working overtime.
“Ach no, its not that bad, I hear that a world famous snake and croc expert from Pennsylvania is in town, she was a guest lecturer at Carlisle’s Crocodile Camp, she can help us out. I will go phone her. Don’t go away.”
Alison went inside and made as if she was on the telephone. “Can you come right now? You can? excellent. I will be waiting for you. Goodbye.”

Alison and Brenda waited for a while, then we rang the doorbell and Alison pretended to meet Brenda at the door.
“Good morning Dr Brenda, can you please help out here?” She shouted, making sure that the besieged Twinns on the balcony could hear her.
“That’s not a problem, I will see what I can do.” Brenda went outside and spotted the Twinns on the chair. “Hullo everybody, I am Dr Brenda from Pennsylvania. Alison says you have a problem here with a snake?”

“Oh thank you for coming Doctor, look, its a dreaded Twinn gobbling orange rapid viper.” Caitlyn said.
“And its hungry!!” Dawn added.
“And we make a very bad meal too!” Said Amanda.
“Let me see what I can do about this snake.” Brenda jumped on the furry object. “Take that! and that! and that too!!”

“Kapow! Wham! Splat!” Alison added, obviously enjoying herself.
“Girls”, Caitlyn said, “I am beginning to smell a rat.”
“A rat? first snakes, now rats!!! aaaaaaargh!!!!!” Dawn shrieked! “I think I am going to faint!”

Caitlyn was suspicious, “I want to take a closer look at that so called snake! Come on gang, I suspect that Alison had a finger or 10 in this somehow.”
The 3 Twinns untangled themselves and jumped down onto the floor.
Brenda held out the feather boa for them to inspect. “It’s not a real snake”, she explained.
“I knew it all along. ” said Amanda relieved.
“Me too,” said Dawn, looking around her just in case there was snake or a rat lurking nearby.

“My name is Brenda, I come from Jo in Pennsylvania.”
“Welcome to the Tumbling Twinns Brenda. we are so glad that you arrived safely. I had a sneaky suspicion that something was going on, what with all the emails and sneaking around.”
Alison chuckled, “Sorry guys, we had to do this, it’s just no fun when there is just a box to open and no story to tell.”

The Twinns laughed, they were so glad to have another new friend, “We will still get you back Alison, the day will come, you owe us 2 already.”
“Brenda, you must tell us the story about how you came to be here, I think it will make for a great way to spend the afternoon.”
“Oh yes, it’s a long story and I will tell it to you gladly. Brenda gestured for Caitlyn to come closer and whispered, “I brought knickers, I heard there was a shortage.”
“I heard that!” said Dawn, remembering her knickerless existence.
“Don’t worry Dawn, I brought you some new hair to try out as well.”
“You know,” said Dawn, “I like Brenda already. She knows the way to a Twinns heart.”
“I feel a Twinn hug coming on!” said Caitlyn, “Come on Alison, come and join us, after all, you are one of the family.”

And so it was that Brenda came to live at Tumbling Twinns. Bringing gifts and love and a small piece of a far away place with her. All of her fears were allayed and she had so much to tell. It was going to be a long afternoon, but for the Twinns it would be a happy one.

© DRW, JE Sturgis 2005-2018. Moved to blog 17/04/2015

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