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Durban Shipwatch: Anastasis

My handy ship visit book records that we visited on board this classic beauty on 18 May 1996. Rudi and I went down specifically to see her, and I was carrying a large video camera but no stills camera. Rudi was to take some extra images of the ship for me for my collection but he never did and those images and the video are gone forever as Rudi passed away in December 2018 and his collection was lost. All I recall of the ship was that she really was a ship from a different age and really stunning. 

Postcard image obtained on board

My notes read: 

MV Anastasis (IMHO 5379729). Ex Victoria of Lloyd Triestino. Built Cr Adriatico, yard # 1765. 11695 GRT, 158,4 x 20,7. Sold 1978 to “Youth With A Mission” (YWAM) Co, Limassol. Used as a mobile hospital, housing 3 operating rooms, a 40 bed hospital ward, dental clinic, laboratory, x-ray unit and 3 cargo holds. In service for 29 years, she was broken up in 2007. 

Official Mercy Ships postcard

We were fortunate to have a guided tour of the ship by the lady who signed my book. Alas her surname is unrecognisable. 

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Durban Shipwatch: Vistafjord

Visited March 1990 in Durban. I was not really impressed by her though. The ship visit was a bit of a damp squib too,  and the weather was not particularly nice either.

Approaching Durban

Approaching Durban

From the North Pier

From the North Pier

Arriving in Durban

In Durban and approaching Ocean Terminal

She stayed overnight, and we went down to try get night shots of her. I don’t know why I have no sailing shots of her, logically there should be, but possibly we returned to JHB shortly after we took the night shots.

Vistafjord by night

Vistafjord by night

I wanted a pic of her name all lit up

I wanted a pic of her name all lit up

Official Cunard Line postcard of Vistafjord in happier times

I would see her once again in 2013, sailing under the name Saga Ruby, and she really looked beautiful, although she was in her last days of commercial service as a cruise ship. She was much more memorable in Southampton than I remembered her when she came to Durban as Vistafjord. She was also the first “Cunarder” that I visited.

Saga Ruby sailing from Southampton 2013

*Update 12/04/2017*
On 12 April 2017 the former Vistafjord was beached at Alang for demolition. 

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