Charles George Bonner VC. DSC.

Charles George Bonner (29/12/1884 – 07/02/1951) was awarded the Victoria Cross for during the First World War.

The Awarding of the VC was  recorded in the London Gazette of Supplement: 30363, Page: 11315 and the Citation reads:

“On 8 August 1917 in the Bay of Biscay, Atlantic, Lieutenant Bonner was with HMS Dunraven (one of the ‘Q’ or ‘mystery’ ships playing the part of an unobservant merchantman) when she was shelled by an enemy submarine. The lieutenant was in the thick of the fighting and throughout the whole of the action his pluck and determination had a considerable influence on the crew. Ernest Herbert Pitcher was also awarded the Victoria Cross in this action”.

He was cremated at Warriston Crematorium, Edinburgh, and his ashes were interred at St Mary’s Churchyard, Aldridge, Staffordshire.

Charles George Bonner VC. DSC 29/12/1884 -. 07/02/1951 Aldridge, Staffordshire

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