Mini Ships

This page is all about small ships, the sort you take home to mum and that can live on your desk and then take over your room if you are not careful. Mine are all 1/1200 (Mostly Triang Minic) or 1/1250 scale from various manufacturers.  Most of the pages here point to Musings because that is where I did a blog post about them. I have almost 100 ships now, in three jam packed display cases and I still have some that are works in progress.  

Enjoy your visit and don’t forget to give me a shout if you have a few that you would like to share. I am particularly interested in the Union-Castle vessels.

The latest additions may be found here, while a complete list of my ships is here

My Union-Castle Collection (15/08/2016)

Union-Castle collection: 20/11/2017

The balance of the ships live on the pages below

Were do I get them? Most of my Triang Minic stuff has come via ebay, but I have also used Convoy Models for my resin cast UC ships, modern Triang stuff is available in many hobby shops, although the best one to try is CN Collectables and I have also bought fittings from a number of sources. I have also bought ships and Triang accessories from Waterline ships.  Display cases I get off ebay from Germany. I also recommend Peter Wiedling in Germany for commercial models.

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