The Perfect Penny

The Order of the Noble Emmas at the Continuum were holding an emergency meeting with Corky playing ChairTwinn in the absence of Taryn who had not arrived.

Corky banged away with the official radish gavel. “ORDER!” She shouted.
“I’ll have a cheese burger with a side order of fries please Corky.” Kerry sniggered.
Sally was busy concentrating on the refreshments, “and I would like a strawberry milkshake please. And may I have a chocolate now?”

“Sally, leave the refreshments for after the meeting, we have much more important things to discuss. Firstly, has anybody seen Taryn?”
“It’s a jolly bad show not to arrive in time for a meeting,” Cavendish remarked “Why, when I was in the Foreign Office the undersecretary was always tasked to…..”
“I heard she was helping out in the kitchen Corky, something about she owed Cathy a dishwashing fatigue because Cathy had worked at reception for her during the time when Taryn was away at the mall when she was supposed to be on duty. ” Kerry said, glad to interrupt prevent Cavendish from telling one of his endless Foreign Office anecdotes.
“Oh phooey, Ok, we will just have to go on without her. As I was about to say, we are Pennyless once more!” Corky said, banging the table with the gavel for emphasis.
“And, its not the same without a full compliment of Emma’s either.” Carin reminded everybody “There has to be a full compliment of Emmas to bring balance to the Continuum”
“It’s either that or the Cookies will take over, and we will end up with crumbs in our beds.” Corky added.
Everybody always made fun of the Cookies, it was a tradition amongst the Emmas.

Carin proposed the motion that the only thing left to do was to hold auditions once again to find a replacement Penny.
“Yes, but remember what happened last time? we ended up with a gazillion Cookies knocking at the door, all hoping that they would be let in”. Carin said, remembering how she had come out of the dining hall and discovered 13 Cookies all queued up waiting to be interviewed.
“I know, lets ask everybody to send in their pic and we can then draw up a shortlist of candidates.” Kerry suggested. “We won’t even have to spend a Penny on advertising either, word of mouth ought to do it.” Sally reminded everybody.

Word spreads quickly at the Continuum, and as the meeting was in it’s closing stages there was a knock on the door and in came Cecilia who was doing duty as PostTwinn. “Hi guys, sorry to disturb your meeting, but an envelope has arrived addressed to “the Emmas”.

“Thanks Cecilia. I bet it is junk mail.” Corky said, taking the envelope.
Everybody waited while she opened it. “Well? what’s it say?”
“You aren’t going to believe this, but somebody has already sent in their photo for consideration as the new Penny.” She handed the picture around.

“I recognise her, she was the Twinn that disguised herself on TV one day and said that a giant croc had attacked her”. Carin said angrily. “That escapade was not good for the morale of the crocs. Carlisle in particular took it very badly.”
“REJECTED!” everybody chorused.
“I just wish the Penny’s didn’t leave so often.” Kerry said. “I just get to know one and then she leaves and we are back where we started again.”
“I agree, I think next time around we must get her to sign a contract with a very heavy penalty clause in it.”
There was another knock on the door and Cecilia came in again “Here is another one girls. I don’t know where this mail is suddenly coming from.”
“Thanks Cecilia. I suspect you will be getting many of these over the next few weeks.”
“Oh that’s Ok, I am going off duty today, one of the Cookies is doing post parade from tomorrow.”
Again Corky passed the pictures around “This one looks familiar too.”

“You know, it looks like Brenda. If it wasn’t for that hair colour I would say it was her. ” Carin said.
“It is Brenda! I remember now, it was when we were trying out other hair for her.” Corky recalled. “But how did Brenda know about the situation? Is she psychic?”
“Um, actually she is Corky. They don’t call her “The Astonishing Brenda, Fortunes Told and Palms Read” for nothing.”
“Look there is something written on the back. What does it say?”

“Ooh-er! I forgot that Brenda can still vote. Remind me to get a proxy vote from her Carin.”

And so the meeting adjourned and over the next few days the word spread that the Continuum was looking for a possible replacement for Penny. The pictures rolled in and were hotly debated by the resident Emmas.

Kerry pointed her finger at the one picture “I don’t believe it! number 5 is a Cookie! Oooh they must be desperate”.
“Cookies can be pretty sneaky when they want to be Kerry, one must always beware of Cookies.”
“Especially Chocolate Chip Cookies.” Carin said hungrily.
“And number 8 is an Ariel. Don’t these Twinns understand that we are looking for Emma’s only?”
Corky rapped on the table with her gavel. “I think we should adjourn our meeting and make a decision once we have all the photo’s in, then we can get some of the candidates in for an interview.”
“About time too. I am getting hungry. Anybody for some milk and Cookies?”
Sally groaned. ‘Why did I know that she was going to say that? I bet you have been saving that line up all along Kerry.”
“Of course I have. And, I would like to point out that number 3 pic is disqualified!”
“But she is so pretty, in fact, she looks very familiar.” Sally said.

“That’s because she is familiar! it’s you silly!”
Everybody burst out laughing and then headed down to the dining hall for lunch.

The next week the Emmas spent weeding out the chaff from the potentials.
“How about her?” Kerry asked, holding up a picture.

“She is very pretty, but where did she get that dorky hat?” Corky remarked.
“And she has green eyes. Penny’s are supposed to have blue eyes.” Carin said.
“But one of the Penny’s had green eyes Carin.”
“Did not!”
“Did too!” I have her pic here in my files.” Corky rummaged through her files. “Aha! check this out. She had beautiful green eyes.” Corky spread 3 pictures out of all the previous Penny’s. She pointed at the first picture. “See?”
“Oops, you are correct Corky. My mistake. How could I forget her?”
“The Penny has just dropped for Carin.” Corky interjected.
“I must admit we have had some very nice Penny’s here, and each has been a wonderful Twinn. It is just so sad that they move on like this.” Corky laid down pictures of the last 3 Penny’s. “I miss them all.”
“Me too.”

The meeting was interrupted by a knock on the door. “I bet it’s the post again with a heap of pictures for us to look through.” Carin said.
“Well, we better get it over with I suppose.” Sally said, opening the door.
“Hi Sally, can you help me with these?”

It was Taryn with 2 Emma heads, “I was at the sickbay and found that there were 2 Emma’s passing through which we could consider too if need be,” Taryn said.
The Emmas all clustered around the 2 heads and exchanged pleasantries, promising to get back to them as soon as possible. Taryn returned the 2 heads to the sickbay and then returned to the meeting.
“Any progress?” she asked.
“Not really Taryn, we have however decided to get more chocolates for the next meeting.” Sally said smugly.
“We need to make a decision soon, I believe that questions are being asked about why Penny’s always leave us.”
“It’s not as if we chase them away or anything,” Carin said by way of an explanation, “It’s just that Penny’s are just very much in demand,”
There was another knock on the door, “If that is a Cookie I am going to scream.” Sally said jokingly. She opened the door and in came Penny

“Hi girls, whats with the big meeting?”
“Penny? is that you?” Everybody asked.
“Of course it’s me, why are you all staring at me like that?”
“We thought you had left!” Carin said.
“And we were auditioning for a new Penny.” Taryn said sheepishly.
“And I moved into your room.” Sally said equally sheepishly.
“And I claimed your favourite dress.” Corky said guiltily.
“But I was only gone for a week. I went to do a first aid course at the Twinn Academy.”
“A course? But…. Taryn you said that Penny was leaving!”
“I did? er… what I meant was… um….. chocolate anybody?”

And so the Order of Noble Emmas was once again complete, and there was balance in the Continuum.

Unfortunately Taryn was feeling somewhat foolish for thinking that Penny was leaving. But everybody forgave her when she volunteered to do one of their kitchen fatigues as penance. Penny reclaimed her room and her dress and everybody was happy, (except for the Cookies).

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