4-8-2T NBL Tank Loco 24386

One of the plinthed locomotives that has been on display for many years may be found at Florida Junction out on the West Rand. Listed as 4-8-2T North British Tank Loco 24386, I have seen this loco for the many years that I lived out on the West Rand and was able to photograph her in a number of liveries, in fact, shortly after she was plinthed you could still climb up into her cab. In 2011 I took the following image (more images to be added at a later date) shortly after she had been painted. 

Piet Conradie has a page on this loco, and my images are on that page.

This is what she looked like in 2009

Towards the end of March 2017, I photographed her once again and her paint was fading and she was definitely looking the worse for wear. It also appears as if at some point the Florida Junction sign on her tank was redone.  

She was built in 1937 in Glasgow by North British Locomotive Co. as works number 24386 and was one of the many standard NBL locomotives that were delivered for service at South African mines. This one first saw service as No 1 at Witbank Colliery Ltd and later at Vanwyksdrift as part of the Douglas Colliery Ltd rolling stock. By some strange quirk, there is a Witbank Colliery No 1 loco plinthed close by. It is possible that this loco replaced that loco at some point.  

Of course with the demise of Sanrasm I do not know who owns the steamer now, or who is responsible for keeping her painted and vandalism free. It may be a good idea to watch her because at some point she may end up being redundant.

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