Memorials and Monuments Elsewhere

The images on these pages were taken “elsewhere” and in London. Wherever I go I photograph them, because one day they may not be there to photograph, although it is unlikely that they will all suddenly go missing. Quite a few people have assisted by sending me images, and I am always grateful for them. Special thanks to Ronnie Lovemore, Terry Cawood, Alta Griffiths,  Peter Moss, Eleanor Garvie, James Houston-McMillan, “Nsapato”, and Ioanna Karamitsos.

  1. Bristol Cenotaph 
  2. Bomber Command Memorial
  3. The London Cenotaph
  4. Commonwealth Memorial Gates
  5. Crimean War Memorial
  6. Chasetown Saint Anne’s Church War Memorials  
  7. Chasetown War Memorial
  8. Chippenham War Memorial
  9. East Cowes Civilian Casualty Memorial
  10. Deptford Burough War Memorial
  11. Edith Cavell Monument   
  12. Falklands War Memorials in Southampton
  13. Falklands War Memorial in Portsmouth
  14. Falklands War Memorial
  15. Fourteenth Army Memorial (Bristol) 
  16. Gloucesters Memorial Crosses (Cheltenham)
  17. Gloucestershire Regiment ABW Memorial in Bristol 
  18. Gloucestershire Royal Hussars Memorial
  19. Gloucester War Memorial
  20. Gloucester Post Office War Memorial
  21. Great Malvern War Memorial  
  22. Hall of Memory in Birmingham
  23. Heath Hayes War Memorial (Staffordshire)
  24. Hollybrook Memorial (Southampton)
  25. Household Cavalry and Royal Armoured Corps Memorial (Bovington)
  26. Kemerton War Memorial (Worcestershire) 
  27. Kings Liverpool Regiments Boer War Memorial
  28. Lichfield Garden of Remembrance
  29. The Lone Sailor Memorial (San Francisco)
  30. Malvern Priory War Memorial (Great Malvern)  
  31. Merstham War Memorial (Surrey) Use to test with. 
  32. Minstead Village Green War Memorial
  33. Northern Rhodesian Great War Memorial (Livingstone, Zambia) 
  34. Lambeth Borough Council Memorial
  35. Lewisham War Memorials
  36. London Troops Memorial
  37. Old Contemptibles Plaque, Southampton.
  38. Oldham War Memorial (Oldham)
  39. Orem Veterans Memorial, Utah. USA.
  40. Overbury War Memorial (Worcestershire) 
  41. Oxford War Memorial 
  42. Machine Gun Corps Memorial
  43. The National Submarine War Memorial
  44. Painswick War Memorials (Gloucestershire)
  45. Parish of Hound & Hamble Parish War Memorials (Southampton)
  46. Prestbury War Memorial (Cheltenham)
  47. Portsmouth Civilian Casualties Memorial
  48. Portsmouth Naval Memorial (Southsea)
  49. Portsmouth War Memorial
  50. Rifle Brigade Memorial
  51. Romsey War Memorial
  52. Royal Artillery Memorial
  53. Royal Naval Division Memorial in London 
  54. Salisbury War Memorial
  55. Sedgeberrow War Memorial 
  56. Sherfield-Upon-Loddon War Memorial
  57. Southampton Cenotaph
  58. Southampton Civilian Casualty Memorials
  59. Southampton in the Second World War Plaques
  60. Stratford-upon-Avon Garden of Remembrance  
  61. Stroud War Memorials (Gloucestershire)
  62. Seafarers Monument
  63. SOE Memorial
  64. Soviet War Memorial in Southwark Borough
  65. St Saviours Catholic Church War Memorial, Lewisham
  66. Streatham War Memorial
  67. Sutton Coldfield War Memorial
  68. Submarines Lost Memorial. Gosport
  69. Swindon Railway Works Plaques 
  70. Tower Hill Merchant Navy Memorial
  71. Tewkesbury War Memorial  
  72. Twyning War Memorial, (Gloucestershire)
  73. War Memorial at St.Muns Church, Kilmun (Scotland)
  74. War Memorial in Tarves, Aberdeenshire (Scotland)
  75. War Memorial at Holy Loch (Scotland)
  76. War Memorial at Kirk Hammerton (Yorkshire)
  77. West Cowes War Memorial (Cowes, Isle of Wight)
  78. West End Parish War Memorial (Southampton)

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