Jameson Raid Remnants

The ill fated Jameson Raid was really one of the triggers of the Anglo Boer War that was to ravage South Africa and drive huge wedges of mutual hatred between English and Afrikaans speakers in the country.

REGM Military Cemetery 2009 after it had been cleaned up

REGM Military Cemetery 2009 after it had been cleaned up

Justice was not done when the dust settled, on the contrary, Leander Starr Jameson became Prime Minister of the Cape Colony (1904–08) and was one of the founders of the Union of South Africa. The only ones who really suffered were those who were buried in a series of graves on the West Rand of Johannesburg. I have been fortunate in being able to see some of those graves and record them for the future, but a lot has been irretrievably lost to the bulldozers of progress and the greed of the scrap merchant and his ilk. Personally I suspect this incident, as important as it was, is really just a footnote in the turbulent history of South Africa, and given time there will be no physical reminders left, or anybody who really cares.

There are a few interesting Jameson Raid artifacts in the local history museum in Krugersdorp, and of course some of the men ended up in the local jail there before being shipped off to Pretoria for trial. In my conversations  with a farm owner in Magaliesberg it turned out that the raiders probably went through the farm and a number of interesting items had turned up in the fields.  There are also a number of graves that I never found, some near Doornkop Military Base, some in Soweto, and a few others.

There have been a number of changes in that area since my original exploration, and the 2016 Google Earth view revealed that the area round the Stump was being built over. It is possible that the associated plaque and stump have been relegated to history but as yet I have not had any confirmation as to whether it still exists at the new premises built over it. 

2015 Google Earth overview

2020 Google Earth overview

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