Civilian War Dead Memorials

The Second World War brought death to the United Kingdom and unleashed the horror of airborne bombing on the civilian population of the country. I have encountered a number of what I call “Civilian War Dead Memorials” in my travels, and these are usually conventional memorials, as opposed to specific memorials to individuals. Sadly many of the bombing victims were buried in mass graves or in unmarked graves and these are the only reminders that exist of them. I cannot even begin to think how many others are buried in marked graves from that era but which cannot be tagged to the bombing. 

So far, amongst my images I have found the following:

Camberwell New Cemetery

Civilian Casualty Memorial, Kingston Cemetery, Portsmouth

Kingston Cemetery, Portsmouth

Hollybrook Cemetery Southampton

Kingston and Northwood Cemeteries: Cowes Isle of Wight

Civilian War Dead Memorial. Tower Hamlets, London

Kennington Park Civilian Dead Memorial

Stoke Newington Civilian War Dead Memorial. Abney Park Cemetery

Civilian War Dead Memorial, St Peter’s Church, Castle Park, Bristol

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