John Frederick Bell GC

John Frederick Bell (1872 – 05/1950) was awarded the Empire Gallantry Medal (EGM) on on 17 May 1930 while employed as the Underground Manager at Ariston Gold Mine, Prestea, Gold Coast.

“John Frederick Bell showed great gallantry on the occasion of an accident in the mine on the 17th May, 1930, when he was instrumental in saving the lives of a number of natives who would have otherwise been gassed.

He was 58 years old and working at the Ariston Gold Mine when several natives were involved in an accident. Bell went in search of these men, and was instrumental in saving them from being gassed. Two other men who went in search of Bell both died from the gas, as would Bell have done when he too fell unconscious, were it not for the fact that his mouth was next to a leak in a compressed air pipe.”

He is buried in Great Malvern Cemetery, Worcestershire. 

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