James Hollowell VC

James Hollowell (1823 – 04/04/1876) was awarded the Victoria Cross during the Indian Mutiny when the following deed took place on 26 September 1857 at the Siege of Lucknow,

The Citation, recorded in the London Gazette of Issue: 22154, Page: 2958, reads:

“78th Regiment

Private James Hollowell Date of Act of Bravery, 26th September, 1857

A party, on the 26th of September, 1857, was shut up and besieged in a house in the city of Lucknow, by the rebel sepoys. Private James Hollowell, one of the party, behaved, throughout the day, in the most admirable manner; he directed, encouraged, and led the others, exposing himself fearlessly, and by his talent in persuading and cheering, prevailed on nine dispirited men to make a successful defence, in a burning house, with the enemy, firing through four windows. (Extract from Divisional Orders of Major-General Sir James Outran), G.C.B., dated 14th October, 1857.)”

He died at  Holborn on 4th April 1876, aged 42 and was buried in Brookwood Cemetery in a Corps of Commissionaires Plot.

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