It’s Hot Outside Today

It was hot! it had been hot since Winter had slunk away. “Boiling Brenda” and Sarah “Wilting” Willow were more used to the temperatures of Pennsylvania and were suffering from the heat. The clouds had covered the sun, giving a brief respite and the pair of them were outside on the balcony. Brenda was standing on an ice tray and Sarah clutched at her water bottle. The fan was languidly stirring the air and providing a bit of relief.

“I am hot Sarah!”
“Me too Bren. Thank goodness the sun has gone behind the clouds, I fear my vinyl was getting soft.”
“Look at poor Waffles, she has her nose buried in her water bowl.”
“The poor pup, she is a real hot dog.”

Amanda came out onto the balcony. “I am back girls, let me get this fan turned onto high for you, a nice cool breeze does wonders for the heat.”
“Thanks Amanda, you should become a full time fan operator.”
“Nah, I just don’t like seeing Twinns in distress. This heat wave has been terrible, and when it’s not hot like this then it is pouring with rain. Poor Waffles is so scared of the lightning that she jumped into the bossman’s bed the other night.”
“Oh, I wondered what that screaming was all about,” Brenda replied.
Sarah Willow wiped her brow, “Amanda, Bren, do you realise that its winter back in the USA?”
“Oh yes, and I bet it’s snowing again. Just think, frozen noses, chillblains, frostbite, wading through 18 inches of snow.”
“Oh snow is so pretty,” Amanda said, “I remember it from when I was at Blueberry Hill. But it got very very cold and the our vynil used to become hard and brittle and my armature used to be hard to move.”
“And don’t forget those cold morning’s when we were on duty at the Continuum either.”
“I remember, I got Wendy to knit me one of those patent nose warmer’s.”
“Oops, maybe we should just grin and bear it over here till things start cooling down.”
“Yep, Summer can’t last forever.”
“I know, let’s go see if Jo has sent us any pics of the snow.”
“Good idea Sarah, even a picture of snow will be nice.”
So the Twinns went inside and booted up the computer and checked mail.

“Look, Jo has sent us some pics of Taryn and Carin and Carlisle in the snow.”
The Twinns waved their arms at the picture in greeting.
“That Carlisle, he always does the Winter route march with the girls for Croc Camp.”
“Wow girls, did either of you ever go to Croc Camp?” Amanda asked.
“I tried out for it Amanda and was accepted, but had to pull out to come to South Africa. Most Emma’s at the Continuum end up at as camp leaders at Croc Camp.”
“I bet you were relieved.”
“I was to an extent, but doing Croc Camp with Carlisle is a good experience, it builds character, and a good Emma always has character.”
“I wonder what does a Kelsey have to do to have character?” Amanda asked.
“Or a Lenora?” Sarah Willow said, echoing the sentiment.

A voice came from the kitchen, “Caities don’t need to build character, we are made with it already!”
“Let me guess, that was Dawn. Where is she and Cait anyway?” Amanda asked.
“We drew straws Amanda, and Cait and Dawn won.”
“What did they win Sarah?”
“They got to sit in the fridge to cool off.”
“Again? they are always in the fridge!”
“Well, they are missing out on some great pics!” Brenda said extra loudly.
“Oh yes, look at this one Amanda.”
“Wow, so pretty, and look at this one….”
“And this one….

And so the Twinns taunted and teased each other between the computer and the fridge. It was all in good humour and eventually Dawn and Caitlyn came out of the fridge and looked at the photographs of the snow that fell in Pennsylvania. It looked cold but it was very pretty, and a bit of it would have done much to cool us off over here.

Outside the clouds were gathering once again for the evening thunderstorm. Waffles had already slunk away and soon it would be time to unplug the computer and ride out the storm which would bring a bit of relief from the heat. But, until we did, we would enjoy the pics that Jo sent.

© DRW JE Sturgis 2005-2018. Revised 08/2008. Moved to Blog 01/05/2015

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