02/11/2019. Removed SA shipping pages as well as old cruise ships gallery. 

30/07/2019. Removed Retro Events, Forgotten Brands, Threats and Consequences pages, moved Retro Cars to galleries page, rationalised more stuff. 

22/07/2019. Removed military memories page as well as cleared contents of Company HQ page. 

03/07/2019. Have not worked much on this blog for ages. Added in Oxford WM, repaired broken image on 4 funnel liner page and added in images of waterline models

16/05/2019. UC Sepia postcards page broke after I tried to add in another image. Changed page to gallery style and added in content. Unfortunately unable to use list mode inside gallery for some strange reason. 

16/04/2019. Added more pics of SAS Somerset as she is now. 

q5/04/2015. Added in WW2 names for St John’s ROH

11/03/2019. Not much happening, have added more content to individual cruises pages and created page for SAS Somerset

05/01/2019. Created localhost version of aas, some posts missing, most images and links pointing to aas instead of Localhost. Gads, what a mess. 

04/01/2019 WP upgraded again but new editor is still awful, still staying with classic editor. Started to change copyright footers. updated 2018 page


16/12/2018. WP upgraded to 5.01… new smarmy editor showing up. Not good at all. Must get classic editor back.

26/11/2018. Added St John’s College ROH, added internal link from the St John’s Delville Wood Cross, added update note to Joseph Crowe VC

06/11/2018. Added Sedgeberrow War Memorial

29/10/2018 Added Overbury War Memorial

24/10/2018. Added Kemerton War Memorial

23/10/2018. Added Ashton-Under-Hill War Memorial

15/10/2018. Added Royal Naval Division Memorial in London

10/10/2018. Added Tugboat Canning in Swansea

14/09/2018. Added in 72nd (Griqualand West) Siege Battery: Clyde ‘n Terry Museum Kimberley memorial Only one left to go now. Updated the other memorials and the internal links.

30/08/2018. Updated Mendi page and post with bell story

27/08/2018. Created Swindon Railway Works Plaques

26/08/2018 Created Frederick Hitch VC

23/08/2018. Created Bertram Stuart Trevelyan Archer GC

22/08/2018. Added Frederick Davies GC,  Removed top level menu Tumbling Twinns and started to delete the pages inside the blog.

21/08/2018. Created Commando Winners of the Victoria Cross and Forest Frederick Edward “Tommy” Yeo-Thomas GC.   Also added in more Minis to the Mini gallery

15/08/2018 Created James Hendry GC and John *Jock” Rennie GC

13/08/2018 Created William Hope VC and Lachhiman Gurung VC

11/08/2018. Created: Alfred Kirke Ffrench VCMatthew Fontaine Maury Meiklejohn VCWallace Duffield Wright VC, CB, CMG, DSO, William Reynolds VC

10/08/2018. Created pages for:  William Robert Fountaine Addison VCEdgar Thomas Inkson VC, DSOCyril Hubert Frisby VCJames Hollowell VC, Ross Lowis Mangles VCWilliam Kenny VC , Wallace Duffield Wright VC, CB, CMG, DSO , William Reynolds VC, Ross Lowis Mangles VC

09/08/2018. Created page 4 for VC graves in the Uk and had to redo top level menu in each page to add in the new page. Hopefully…. Now to populate it.

05/08/2018. Added Bristol Civilian War Dead Memorial.

27/07/2018. Updated Bez Valley WM

24/07/2018. Added Gloucestershire Regiment ABW Memorial in Bristol

22/07/2018. Added The Fourteenth Army Memorial and Bristol Cenotaph

15/07/2018. Created page for ABW Memorials and put it in the Memorials menu item. Added Evesham Anglo Boer War Memorial 

11/07/2018. Added Chasetown Saint Anne’s Church War Memorials

03/07/2018. Added St Peters WM in Cheltenham

22/06/2018. Have hopefully eradicated all references to my former blog at blogspot. Jeez, I cant believe how many I found even after so long!

20/06/2018. Created William Ratcliffe VC. MM.  post as well as Liverpool Heroes Statue page. Shuffled order of VC menu around.

18/06/2018. Updated Bez Valley War Memorial Page and moved it to the extinct list

16/06/2018. Created Liverpool Naval Memorial page as well as Liverpool Hall of Remembrance page. Updated the Northern Rhodesian Great War Memorial (Livingstone, Zambia) page

11/06/2018. Created Liverpool Titanic Memorial page, created Kings Liverpool Regiments Boer War Memorial page and Liverpool Pals Memorial page.

15/04/2018. Added Liverpool Cenotaph to Memorials and monuments elsewhere, added in Arthur Herbert Lindsay Richardson VC page and added cig card as well as added into relevant pages. Updated 2018 index page,  Added in Liverpool Merchant Navy Memorials

20/05/2018. Added in Evesham War Memorial,  Added new entry into Edith Cavell Page and new images too

25/04/2018. Created Machine Gun Corps Memorial, Changed some images in the Rifle Brigade Memorial page. Edited the Kings Royal Rifles page Added in a   as well as a 

19/04/2018. Moved ERPM War Memorial to the extinct list.

14/04/2018. Added in new page with info about UC waterline models

24/02/2018. Added more information to the Mendi page as well as added The “Gloria Victis” Memorial, Potchefstroom into Extinct Memorials page as it has really lost its context

22/02/2018. Webhost has sorted image issue out (Yippee) and was able to add in the GC page for Wallace (Wally) Arnold Oakes GC.

22/02/2018. Attempted to add in new GC page but images are giving an http error, contacted webhost. All stop!

20/02/2018. Added more images to my Oceanos Voyage Report

13/02/2018 Published my Rand Revolt Casualty List (10-13/02/1922 completed)

11/02/2018. Been busy with the casualty list of the Rand Revolt and found multiple iterations of some of the pages. I have deleted those I found and repaired the links on each one to point to the same page all the time. The reason for the multiples? it is because a page does not have tags whereas a post does. And to crown it all, a new version of WordPress.

05/02/2018. Created master list of my waterline ships

02/02/2018. Added Old Contemptibles Plaque in Southampton

29/01/2018. Added new image to page and post version of the Mendi pages

15/01/2018. Created Gloucester Post Office War Memorial  and added in names, linking them to CWGC wherever possible.

11/01/2018. Started the date change process in posts is done,  42 pages of posts in all. all page posts 1-7 done. VC’s from 10 upwards have had the citation data added in. Some citations done on p7.  Pages and posts completed.

01/01/2018. Closed off 2017 and created 2018 index page and moved all index pages one space to the right.  Added  Arthur Forbes Gordon Kilby VC    and Anketel Moutray Read VC


26/12/2017. Created page for the Ashchurch Parish War Memorial

02/12/2017. Create page dealing with the 4 ships I saw in Milwaukee in 2001

30/11/2017. Adding more information to the Burley War Memorial page

18/11/2017. WP Upgraded to 4.9. Watch out for boobies.. er booboos

16/11/2017. Updated the Dundee and Districts War Memorial page with new images

04/11/2017. Repaired a whole wodge of links in the cemeteries and graveyard page that were pointing to the since defunct blogger page.  Also added in 3 new churches.

03/11/2017. Added new images to Gloucesters Memorial in Prestbury Cem, and fixed spelling of Gloucesters. Pointed names to CWGC pages for that casualty.

22/10/2017. Not much has happened here for a few months due to other commitments. However, 6 new VC cards were added to the VC Cigarette Card Gallery , I also added another Union-Castle casualty to the UC War Casualties page and added in some new text to the very popular Looking Back page. Have a few more pics for it but havent moved them from my phone yet.

16/07/2017. Made a change to the year index pages that were pointing back to musings if you selected another year. Now those pages stay on aas. Used a small 3 segment menu thingey to do it with. Also created a page called Mini Ships which is a duplicate of the musings page with the same title, and it details my mini ship collection

12/07/2017. Created pages for George Allan Maling. VC   and  William Barnsley Allen VC. DSO. MC*.

10/07/2017. Created new page for Durban High School War Memorial

08/07/2017. Added in South African Heavy Artillery Memorial: Warrior’s Gate, Durban. And updated each associated  SAHA page from JHB, PTA and PE as well as the ROH. Updated the Edwin Swales VC Page with new pics.

03/07/2017. added Derelict War Memorial in Springs and Miss Emily and the new dress

14/06/2017. Added Harry Norton Schofield VC,  Walter Norris Congreve VC and George Nurse VC. Linked pages with that of Frederick Roberts VC thereby more or less completing the VC’s for the “Saving of the guns” debacle. WordPress was also updated. Watch for wobblies!  🙄

12/06/2017. Created new page for Edgar Thomas Inkson VC. added Taddy card for entry and updated relevant links in pages.

07/06/2017. Created new page for Arthur Martin-Leake VC, also added Taddy card for entry and updated relevant links in pages.

25/05/2017. Created new page for Frederick Sleigh Roberts VC. (Bobs), and started populating a new gallery with cigarette card images, where a card exists for one of my VC’s the image will be added to the page

17/05/2017. Completed edits of South African VC‘s and UK page 1, mostly adding in London Gazette citations. Added in Cheltenham Crimean War Memoria

03/05/2017. Editing VC pages, and added in James Thomas Byford McCudden VC, DSO*, MC*, MM.

02/05/2017. Retrospectively added London Gazette citations to casualties on Oldham War Memorial  and Thiepval, also changed image of the memorial. Edited some VC entries to reflect the London Gazette link, and added in an image of the applicable cemetery. Also added yearly indexes to main menu bar in preparation for revamp of musings.

01/05/2017. Created pages for Edward Corringham “Mick” Mannock VC, DSO, MC.Richard Basil Brandram Jones VCGeorge Jarratt VCAlbert White VCOliver Cyril Spencer Watson VC, DSOWilliam Hackett VCThomas Tannatt Pryce VC, MC* and James MacKenzie VC. That concludes the inscriptions.

30/04/2017. Added Frederick Fisher VC.  Hugh McDonald McKenzie VC, DCMSidney Clayton Woodroffe VCEdward Warner VCFrederick William Hall VCCharles Fitzclarence VCFrederick Fisher VC, Lanoe George Hawker VC, DSO.

Re-arranged the VC Inscriptions page to keep casualties on the same memorial together. May still rethink how I do this page.

29/04/2017. Created pages for John “Jack” Harrison VC, MCJohn MacLaren Erskine VC, and Dennis George Wyldbore Hewitt VCDavid Philip Hirsch VC

28/04/2017. Started to add in new VC inscriptions, also created pages for Alexander Edwards VC, Bernard Matthew Cassidy VCErnest Frederick Beal VC. Completed adding in the images to the page, now to create 22 individual pages.

27/04/2017. Working on ABW VC’s, added in 8 graves to page, still have to relink some of the individual names.

26/04/2017. Created pages for Francis Aylmer Maxwell VC, CSI, DSODonald Mackintosh VC, Clement Robertson VC, John Norwood VCFrederick Youens VCReverend Bernard William Vann VC, MC and John Kendrick Skinner VC, DCM.

25/04/2017. Created pages for Francis Octavius Grenfell VCThomas Riversdale Colyer-Fergusson VCBertram Best-Dunkley VCLouis McGuffie VCJohn Lynn VC, DCMWilliam Henry Johnston VC, and Rupert Price Hallowes VC, MC. Also shifted ABW and Zulu War Recipients pages to South African VC’s.

24/04/2017. Added pages for Nelson Victor Carter VCPatrick Joseph Bugden VCFrederick Birks VCAlfred George Drake VCEric Stuart Dougall VC, MC, and James Llewellyn Davies VC

23/04/2017. Added Harold Ackroyd VC, MCNoel Chavasse VC, MC, and a new story at Back to the park.

21/04/2017. added in 3 more images to VCUK3, and created pages for Jack Cornwell VCJohn Joseph Sims VCGeorge Leslie Drewry VC.  Also shuffled the list of VC graves on the website

20/04/2017. Removed all non UK graves from VC Graves UK (3) and added into a new page called Victoria Cross Graves Elsewhere in drafts, also have to remake the menu bar so that it is 4×2 to be able to incorporate the new page. Added a whole lot of new graves but haven’t started making the individual pages.  Also changed original nav bars to the all new 4×2 version, shuffled order of pages around.

16/04/2017. Added more images to the Scottish Horse Memorial  in Kensington, also changed the title. Created new extinct memorial page to the 202 Battalion Memorial

15/04/2017. Mostly maintenance tasks involved with adding additional images and typo correction.

29/03/2017. Added Hennenman Air Crash Memorial in Turffontein, also corrected spelling in the Henneman Air Crash Memorial in Alberton and added a link inside that page

28/03/2017. Added page on the NBL 4-8-2T  24386. plinthed at Florida Junction

19/03/2017. Added Rorke’s Drift graves that I have photographed onto the Zulu War page, may do something similar with other ZW graves,

17/03/2017. Created Michael Gibson GC,  Alexander Fraser Campbell GC John Thomas “Tom” Baker EMDonald Owen Clarke GC and John Weller EM. also jostled the order around to keep Campbell and Gibson together. There are two sets of Bomb Disposal men in the GC page.

16/03/2017. Added  Richard John Hammersley Ryan GC, RN,  The Booker Brothers EM,  Paul Douglas Robertson AMRobert Murray Kavanaugh AMGeorge Walter Inwood GCHorace William Madden GC

15/03/2017. Added John Frederick Bell GCReginald Vincent Ellingworth GCEdward Womersley Reynolds EGM, George Paterson Niven EGM, and Richard John Knowlton AM. Started to remove captions from GC page and change to individual pages

07/07/2017. Added Worcesteshire ABW Memorial to the Memorials Elsewhere page

05/03/2017. Added in the year index pages from Musings under the heading of “Musings at allatsea” as well as text links on that page. May still make buttons for it depending in how I feel. 😐  created new page London Underground. Mind the gap. Removed images from the Churches and Cathedrals page that only pointed to an image.

01/03/2017. Created pages for Eric Norman Frankland Bell VCWilliam Frederick “Billy” McFadzean VC,  John Franks Vallentin VC.  and Geoffrey St George Shillington Cather VC

28/02/2016. Created pages for Gerard Broadmead Roope VCAlfred Edward Sephton VCFrederick Thornton Peters VC, DSO, DSCWalter Mills VC, James Kirk VCWilliam Mariner VC  and William Charles Williams VC.

27/02/2017. Cleaning up the VC inscriptions page and trying for more uniformity. Created pages for Geoffrey Saxton White VC, Frederick Daniel Parslow VC, and John Wallace Linton VC, DSO, DSC.

26/02/2017. Added William Wilson Allen VC and Angus Buchanan VC to VC UK page 2. However, the dreaded spawning of page breaks  continues so I have now removed the captions and pasted them underneath each image. Will see what effect that has. Added Robert Jones VC and Francis George Miles VCSir Percival Scrope Marling VC CB DLJames Power Carne VC, DSO. Moved 6 images from VC 1 to VC 2 and shuffled some images around. Moved 4 images from VC3 to VC2 and 1 from VC to to VC1 😯  Limit of graves per page now 40, VC1 and VC2 are completed.

22/02/2017. Revamped Loss of HMT Mendi page, updated page and post versions

18/02/2017. Completed revamp of Mendi RoH, changed post RoH to reflect the new corrected RoH so that both are the same.

12/02/2017. Added in 19D-3328 into plinthed locos.

02/02/2017. Created new link to my first visit to Brompton Cemetery, added in page for Sir Frederick Maude VC

19/01/2016. Created new page for Lewis McGee VCClarence Smith Jeffries VCFrederick Harold Tubb VC. and James Peter Robertson VC. All VC’s now link to an indiviual page.  🙂

18/01/2016. Created new page for William Amey VC and Charles Edward Parker VC, VC pages on UK2 now point to  Victoriacrossonline, only 4 more of UK3 to do.

17/01/2016. New page for Charles Goodfellow VC and Peter Roberts VC. All VC pages in UK1 now point to Victoriacrossonline

16/01/2016. Added new page for William Beesley VC, added Stoke Newington Civilian War Dead Memorial

14/01/2017. New story about Miss Emily and her irritable hair, also new pages for William Odgers VC, William Savage VC,  and Robert E Phillips VC

13/01/2017. Edited page and added new monument to Dick-Cunyngham VC, added Andrew Henry VC and John Divane VC pages

10/01/2017. Replaced old table in Voyage Reports and added in new pics.

05/01/2017. Been working on the looking back page, added in a menu and anchor links as well as a new section on going to the SADF. Seems there are 2 iterations of this page as well. must delete one of them.


31/12/2016. The Roodepoort Civic Fountain page has been moved from the extinct list and is now on the Memorials and Monuments in South Africa page

29/12/2016. Updated the Springs WM page as well as the Anzac Rand Revolt Memorial page, added more information to SA Scottish Memorial in Parktown

28/12/2016. Updated the Irish Brigades monument and created another iteration of it under the monuments and memorials page

23/12/2016. Completed date changes for posts and pages

21/12/2016. Added the Camberwell as well as the Poplar Civilian War Dead posts, and created a new page under the memorials tab and shifted some tabs down by 1 place.

16/12/2016. Started work on changing dates. 35-5 done. Must really sort out the duplicate Mendi page/post issues, deleted a few duplicate posts and fixed some of the table colours. 2 James Cooper posts

04/12/2016. Created new story An Impromptu Picnic  😎

02/12/2016. Created new story about how Miss Emily Can’t Sleep, also picked up link problems in the C&D Files page. I need to double check the links are working in all the Twinn pages.

20/11/0216. Copied the list of parish churches from musings and added them to the relevant page here , also made a change to the Titanic Musicians Memorial page

05/11/2016. Created new page about Miss Emily’s visit to the park, also split off Emily meets Caitlyn into a separate page. Added new plinthed tank

31/10/2016 Added new VC page for John Chard VC, Charles Garforth VC and John Caffrey VC, Harry Nicholls VC, Samuel Morley VC,  William Henry Johnson VC, Walter Richard Parker VC and Robert Humpston VC. That completes page 2 of the VC graves in the UK. Also repaired faulty tag for Henry Hook VC as well as removed old Wiki link and pointed it to Victoriacrossonline. Started work on a new page called Forgotten Brands

29/10/2016 Added page for  William Goate VC, that completes all of the graves on page 1 of UK VC’s

28/10/2016. Added VC page for William Nathan Wrighte Hewett. VC. and Hugh Stewart Cochrane. VC. Also fixed error in VC page, however, there may be more to this.

27/10/2016. Added VC pages for Henry James Raby VC, William Temple VC, and Hugh Shaw VC.,

25/10/2016 Added new VC and GC images, but not quite done yet, a new page about lighthouses was added to Curiosities.

23/10/206. Shuffled some stuff around in Curiosities and created new sub pages.  😯

21/10/2016. Added 2 new pics to Glossary of military terms and edited some of the definitions. I have discovered that there may be 3 iterations of this page in the blog and I am going to have to update them all or delete 2. Unfortunately the one page has over 6000 hits and it is the wrong one! I have compromised on updating both versions.

20/10/2016. Added Bethulie Concentration Camp Monument. Added new page “Meet Emily”

12/10/2016. Added 2 new tugs to my tug page

06/10/2016. Been busy with my Union-Castle Line fleetlist for a few days, but it is far from finished

01/10/2016. Updated Lady in White page, as well as the Steytlerville War Memorial page

28/09/2016. Created 2 new posts about harbour tugs from the 1970’s and 1980’s, started work on a similar one about the John Ross and Wolraad Woltemade

19/09/2016. Messing around with backgrounds again, moving towards a green background with blue or white text, looks good but there may be booboos. Added Sir Luke O’Connor VC page, Spencer John Bent VC page as well as John Buckley VC page

06/09/2016. Not much going on, still finding tables with blue backgrounds and blue text, have changed the global setting to a dark blue text colour for captions, but still sit with the span issues where I have manually changed colours, will fix them as I find them.

24/08/2016. Added links to Things with Wheels to external pages on Musings, changed table colours in Memorials and Monuments page, resized images in Rand Revolt page, fixed image widths in Mendi page. Added repititious images page, must remember to add in the arrows.

18/08/2016. Fixed more table backgrounds to either a c0c0c0 colour of ffffff. Also fixed spacing on some which are a throwback to my early 2014 pages. WP upgraded,

17/08/2016. fixed tables in Traction Engines main page as well as corrected links and added in two new buttons pointing to Musings. Also fixing some table inconsistencies inside the railways section.

16/08/2016. Fixed table inconsistencies in the My Twinn main pages that have occurred because of the theme colour change.

15/08/2016. Created James Henry Reynolds VC, Edmund Lenon VC and Herbert James VC pages, linked them to the relevant pages too. That concludes the pages for Kensal Green.

11/08/2016. Continuing to add VC pages. Sir Dighton Probyn VC and Hugh Henry Gough being added today.

09/08/2016. Changed the VC grave listing to a page and added it to VC graves menu, moved the Belgian graves from page 2 to page 3. Page 3 will be used for elsewhere while page 2 will only be UK.

08/08/2016. Created new VC for Sir Neville Howse, also created listing of  VC graves on the website and discovered that a number of VC grave images are not linked to their respective pages and corrected those that aren’t. Geez, what a mess  🙄  Created new page for Guy Hudleston Boisragon VC, and William Faulds VC

05/08/2016. Added some more helis to the  Helicopters and Whirlybirds gallery and tanks into the plinthed tanks gallery which has now been renamed to Tanks and Armoured Vehicles, also added new VC page for Edward WD Bell VC.  and Sir Collingwood Dickson VC. Finally created a VC Button for the Welcome page

02/03/2016. Created new Helicopters and Whirlybirds gallery

23/07/2016. Split off inscriptions from the VC Plaques page and created a new VC Inscriptions page, re-ordered the pages accordingly, also redirected a link that pointed to old musings.

17/07/2016. Added Soviet War Memorial near the IWM

16/07/2016. Moved VC graves to its own top level menu and shuffled everybody down by 1 position. Corrected affected links. Also added in one GC from Tower Hill

07/07/2016. Created retrospective post about the Belgian War Memorial in London on the Musings blog. This is in line with my aim of moving the memorials from her to Musings.

03/07/2016. Been finding some text colour issues with some of the pages since I have changed the theme. I am correcting those as I find them. Deleted the old Apprenticeship page as it was not going anywhere. Added 5 images of VC inscriptions from Thiepval Memorial.

16/06/2016. Created 3 VC pages and started to link the ABW VC page to victoriacrossonline

10/06/2016. Added 6 more VC’s to the VC Page 1,

06/06/2016. Added more Gargoyles to the relevant gallery.

30/05/2016. Copied data from musings into here on the Magnificent Seven which somehow got neglected when I was messing around with this blog.

29/05/2016. Added Winchcombe WM,  6 new images to UK Heritage Railways 2, updated Churches and Cemeteries,

17/05/2016. Fixed broken links on the things with wheels page, added 5 more military vehicles and a mess of Minis

14/05/2016. Created page 3 of VC graves, added in 6 new VC’s and moved some from page 2 to page 3, created new nav bar for all 6 related pages.  Re-arranged order of pages under VC graves. Created new page on Union-Castle Line war losses, as well as a Hollybrook Memorial page that seemed to have slipped through the cracks

11/05/2015. Added new VC page f0r John Sheppard VC

09/05/2016. Updated the Horse Memorial in PE and reported on the destruction of the Bedford Cenotaph in Bedford.

24/04/2016. Added in new pics from the GWSR and split that page off from the other UK Heritage page

21/04/2016. Completed adding in 5 new VC’s and one GC. Wow, soon need to create page 3.

09/04/2016. Changed to new theme, still have to mess with some of the settings to see what I can get away with. Too late to go back too. Changed back after issue with image sizes

20/03/2016. Moved the 3 pages about cemetery angels from musings to here. Must still move the images from blogger though, and tidy up the posts. Added new pics to Lady in White article

13/03/2016. fixed some missing links on the shipbook page. Also recreated the last of the personal glimpses (QE2,  Island Princess, RV Sun, Marco Polo), also made a quick Royal Star Personal glimpse, must check the links on that page, especially on the preserved ships section.

11/03/2016. Moved 4 of the personal glimpse ship pages (Rotterdam, RV Queen,  Doulos, Sagafjord and Kazahstan II) from musings to allatsea. Removed original posts from blogger and killed off links inside it, also killed off pages in new musings. Pages will now exist on Allatsea

09/03/2016. Added 5 new VC graves to the collection, one being South African related, I need to consider a page 3 for the graves outside of the UK

07/03/2016. Added in page for 10BR-750 under plinthed locos, it seems to have slipped under the radar when I moved everything

28/02/2016. Changed links on a number of pages to point to musings while allatsea as opposed to the original musings blog. added link to that blog on top level menu

23/02/2016. added new page on WM at the village of Twyning

21/02/2016 Created a new backup of my musings blog as an experiment, jeez, the images are all crazy.  It will be a work in progress as I sort out the pics.

14/02/2016. Added new extinct memorial. The Rossburgh Cenotaph. Added Horace Madden and Robert Kavanaugh into GC page, also added in links to Victoriacrossonline

10/02/2016. Created new page: Apprenticeship, dealing with my time as an appie all those years ago. added new GC entry, only a temp marker until I can ceate a page for it.

08/02/2-16. Added Frank Baxter VC to VC graves database

06/02/2016. Added Herbert Henderson VC page, and created new Millsite images page as well as changed the old page 2 into a post.  New post by MrsBee all about Vasco Da Gama and the missing Samson

04/02/2016. Added new VC page on Randolph Nesbitt VC

03/02/2016. WordPress was updated to yet another new version. Also added new page on Henneman Air Crash Memorial. Updated Millsite page to reflect movement of locos and possible sale of some for scrap.

24/01/2016. Created new section called Curiosities and added the first article about the Cooper Light, reordered top menu bar and messed around with the space. Also added new GC grave to the GC page. New pic has been added to Cooper Light page, replacing old one.

15/01/2016. Created new page on ABW VC recipients

01/01/2106. All content on this blog except where specified is © DR Walker. Started date change process in earnest. all pages have corrected dates. Added Lewis Pugh Evans VC page


31/12/2015. Added 4 new posts to Musings blog. Namely Confidence Reef, George Harrison Park and the Witwatersrand Plaque. Now to start the process of date changing…

20/12/2015. Not much has happened here for awhile. WordPress updated to 4.4.

18/11/2015. added some new stamps to UC philately and more sepia cards to UC postcard page

27/10/2015. Added Class 08 diesel shunter to Specific Railway Vehicles. Changed Return to Bristol post at Musings blog by splitting off St Mary Redcliffe and creating that as a whole new post. (much easier that way).

26/10/2015. Added Solent Sky and Short Sandringham Gallery, also added St Mary Redcliffe button

19/10/2015. Added Class 37Class 43 and SAR Class 6E/6E1 pages

14/10/2015. Added Malta GC page

07/10/2015. Added new sailing ships gallery, populated it with some pics but will need more work

06/10/2105, Added in Gustavus Hamilton Blenkinsopp Coulson VC, DSO., William Dick-Cunyngham VC, Robert Digby-Jones VC. pages

27/09/2015. Added in Joseph Malone VC, removed duplicate image and tied two VC”s into CWGC and SAWGP, moved menu around and shuffled a few images around. Tied more SA tagged graves to Victoriacrosonline, also moved all of my new additions into the table on the main VC page.

25/09/2015. There are now 65 VC grave images in the two UK VC pages, and roughly 36 of them have individual pages created. Added links to main VC page for ABW VC holders and Zulu War VC holders, still toying with a few ideas.

22/09/2015. Split the UK VC page into 2 separate pages as it has grown to 58 images long with at least 6 more to come. Added in 2 George Cross images

20/09/2015. Mostly adding in individual pages for each VC grave that I have, also added in extra images to some of the entries, and corrected typos and errors where I find them.

07/09/2015. Finally completed moving all Twinn stories to blog format and deleted the files from the website. Hooray! now to work out what the orphan files and images are that were left when I deleted the folder at the website.

06/09/2015. Worked on moving more Twinn stories across during the week, and added in new images to the Gargoyle gallery, also updated the cemetery list. Completed moving all “Other Stories” from webpage to blog, old images deleted from webpage.

30/08/2015. Added in two more VCs, as well as added new pics to Gargoyles and Military vehicles. Added Cheltenham abw memorial as well as Cheltenham Drew statue, and Gloucestershire Royal Hussars Memorial and Gloucester War Memorial.

27/05/2015.  Moved two stories from old Twinns website to blog, also fixed links that were pointing to old links in the original website. Very strange indeed 😕 .

23/08/2015. Added in 2 VC’s from Kensall Green that I had somehow missed, also added in some dates. Added some additional pics into retro SA. Theme updated and fixed fonts again.

22/08/2015. WP updated to 4.3, who knows what that may bring? added page on John Bythsea VC

16/08/2015. Split off Uk Heritage Railways from the Trains Elsewhere page, populated with pics from GWR

13/08/2015. Split off George Cross holders from VC pages, must still populate info on GC and add in links between pages and main page. Also added in more VC’s and must create individual pages on them all.

08/08/2015. added 4 new VC’s to the VC UK page, and created 4 marker pages for the new additions. Will populate those with more info once I have created pages for the rest. All 46 of them.

25/07/2015. Created new gallery on Cemetery Chapels

20/07/2015. Added in new cemetery angel page, also added more gargoyles and another VC plaque

11/07/2015. Added in new gallery for miniature steam powered vehicles. Created new gallery subpage and split off all traction engine material to this page.

07/06/2015. Added in new Cemetery Angels to page 5,  added new steam loco of Trains Elsewhere, added new war memorial from Barton Under Needwood,

03/06/2015. Changed some images in retro cars to show a larger image when opened.

31/05/2015. Added new page on military vehicles and added more tanks to tanks page.

24/05/2015. Completed 5 pages of cemetery angels. Hooray! Changed background to redsilk.

20/05/2015/ Changed main colour of blog to black (wrapper  background: #00000), been working on the cemetery angels and statues pages since the 16h. Changed some pages to reflect one column no sidebar.

01/05/2015. Added The Morning Show with Elinor, as well as Creepy Collectors, Twinns move house and The New Pets.

30/04/2015. Moved Much ado about Caities, Kelseys New Name, Dawns Wacky Wednesday and the Bedtime Story to blog and deleted old files. That completes the Early Stories move. 14 Pages of Box Under the Bed finally completed

29/04/2015. Added Sew and Sew story, as well as Fire Dept, and Return of Paige. Also added Lambeth Borough Memorial. WordPress was updated and fonts were messed up. Fixed those.

28/04/2015. Moved Cait Visits Reefsteamers and Attack of the 50ft Twinn to blog, added new  Sutton Coldfield WM

27/04/2015. Created new Igor/Ina arrival page, and Marcy Valentine arrival page. Arrival stories now completed except for Tina and Dana who do not have an arrival story.

25/04/2015. Created new page on the Cenotaph and War Memorials in Walsall, added in new VC entry for John Carless VC. WordPress was also updated to 4.2

24/04/2015. Continued adding in Twinn arrivals stories. Now completed up to Samantha

21/04/2015. Since 18th mostly creating bio and arrival pages for Twinns. Finished up to Sally

17/04/2015. Added in arrival stories for Brenda, Sarah Willow, Megan, Heather, Jennifer Mae as well as linked through their bios

16/4/2015. Added in some more C&D cases and removed the originals from the website.

15/04/2015. Created new page on Class 25NC 3472, 19D-2650, 15F-3046 and GMAM 4079. Linked these to specific railway vehicles page. Also added page on C22 Coach, L14 Drivers coach and Drakensberg SB van, linked all to Coaches page, removed original pages from extinct website.

11/09/2015. Added new UK VC grave as well as new memorial in the UK, also added in page about Warstone Lane Cemetery

10/09/2015. Added Alrewas War memorial, and new page with VC plaques from the National Memorial Arboretum. Also changed background image and header image.

05/04/2015. Added VC memorial stones to South African VC pages, added new locos to trains elsewhere,  updated cemetery list. messed around with page colours.

04/04/2015. Created new gallery for electric trams,

02/04/2015. Split UK commuter traction from Trains Elsewhere page. Installed plugin for editing.  Updated cemetery list. Completed Ship Visit Book page, created Royal Zulu page and Estrella Do Mar page for it

31/03/2015. Removed the old Things with wheels gallery as it no longer was editable and replaced it with a new one.  Reloaded all the images and removed the old images also updated the shipbook material, still a lot to do there.

30/03/2015. Created new page about the Cannock Chase German War Cemetery

29/03/2015. Created new RAF Cosford page and populated gallery

25/03/2015. Re-arranged galleries around, created new menu structure, created vintage bus gallery, added more images to things with wheels and moved that gallery to menu, united aviation pages under one gallery, added new steam powered machine gallery.

24/03/2015. Added new gallery on the Gargoyles of Lichfield Cathedral

23/03/2015. Added 3 C&D stories to the C&D Detective Files page

21/03/2015 Added 2 new memorials: Chasetown and Lichfield, Updated cemetery list, added new page on Capt Smith Statue

19/03/2015. Added “GNU Terry Pratchett” into blog header. Keep the name going.

11/03/2015 installed plugin to remove all post revisions.

07/03/2015. Added 4 new London Memorials,   Replaced an image in the cruise ships gallery,   Added new images to Plinthed Armour gallery

26/02/2015. Added more content to The Loss of the Mendi page. Added new Brooklands gallery

21/02/2015. Added in pages for the Ship Visit book, also managed to add more content to 2 of the galleries.

07/02/2015. Started work on a new ship book page, started to populate the links with external and internals, but may have to create many pages from scratch

21/01/2015. Added new UK VC,  added in new images to trains elsewhere,  added link to West Norwood Cem in Magnificent seven oage

18/01/2015. Redirected images in Sanrasm pages to open in new window, also added a nav bar at the bottom of each page, created page on 6086 balcony coach  added new images from Swindon to trains elsewhere, added new page on Shashi

15/01/2105. Added page on 2123 Coach and Refreshment coaches.   Fixed table colours in some of the railway pages and linked where needed, added page on Phantom Pass, started to add in labels in the Sanrasm pages.

10/01/2015. Added new John Barry VC page, as well as James Craig VC  and Fugitives Hill   Removed old CVgraves folder from original website. Added Scout Coach page from original website.

05/01/2015. Created page on Retro computers,  with subpages on Ontel, Fixed and removable storage, and Beltel.

04/01/2015. Added new page on Mullins VC, Created new UC Sepia Cards post and page and redid some images, also deleted old page. Created Crowe VC page

03/01/2105. Created page on Shaul VC, Reid VC, Roberts VC,

01/01/2015. Started to change dates on bottom of pages to reflect new year. Its going to take ages! Also fixed content font which was overwritten when a theme update was applied.


26/12/2014. Added 2 Millsite pages

07/12/2014. Added page for John Danagher VCHenry Cecil Dudgeon VC, and Robert Vaughan Gorle VC.

01/12/2014. Added Edwin Swales VC, added image page for C13 coach at Millsite,

30/11/2014. Added new Jameson Raid subpage,  added in page about REGM Military Cem, as well as Jameson Raid graves in Krugersdorp. fixed some backgrounds that were wrong blue as well as images that were not opening in new tab/page

25/11/2014. Added new VC page for David Reginald Younger VC, John Sherwood-Kelly VCEdmund Hartley VC, Raymond de Montmorency VC, also created blockhouses page.

23/11/2104 Added new memorials in Basingstoke, Bovington, Portsmouth, Cowes and London. Lots of maintenance and tweaking of the pages, correcting typos and images that don’t work properly. Completed index page for memorials

01/11/2014 added new VC Grave (UK), changed VC graves from both countries to page format, created post for Beauchamp-Proctor

27/10/2014 worked in the old Twinns folder on website, changing the back button and making backgrounds more uniform

19/10/2014 Recreated the old Adventures of a Hollow Headed Girl pages.

18/10/2014 Added Great Dorset Steam Fair gallery

16/10/2014 Added Oasis of the Seas to Southampton Shipwatch page

13/10/2014. Added new UC Philately page

12/10/2014 Added new GC to the UKVC page, moved the old cems and graveyards page from menu to the top nav bar, added buttons and linked existing pages.  Created GRC page  and fixed buttons on Railway Collection page. Also worked on main pages but they are still a long way from being complete.  Still hunting down that spurious word in the tables that causes the loss of the left margin, hopefully I have fixed all the affected tables.

09/10/2014. Added new page on Palmietkuil war cemetery

24/09/2014. Most of what I had to do has been done. The theme is great, most of the content has been moved, lots of stuff has been deleted from the website, and apart from populating various odds and ends I am finished for now. Finally.

07/07/2014. Added in a lot of pages related to Sanrasm, but may change these to posts instead of pages, must first complete Chamdor though.

09/06/2014. After a long break I have added in 4 pages of the JHB gallery as well as updated some items in the retro gallery. Kinda prefer the html table for a gallery as opposed to the native gallery format which does not have a way to add in new images

10/05/2014 .Completed most of Rand Revolt pages, used 3 separate galleries and created subpages on the various cems. Noted that the border tag is no longer available on image edit page

08/04/2014. Added a number of temporary pages as subpages. Populated UC gallery and partial tugs gallery. Also moved updates page as subpage of welcome.  New theme is great.

06/04/2014. An update of the theme or gallery plugin that I was using killed the galleries. Had to redo them, and fix broken links as a result. Also changed theme.

09/03/2014. Completed Memorials Elsewhere with content from website.

07/03/2014. Added another gallery page to see what happens if I have 2 pages

06/03/2014. Fiddling with a gallery plugin, no conclusion as to whether it is feasible or not though. Created BDAC gallery and populated it, also re-ordered pages on top level

03/02/2104. Completed most of London WM’s, created new page for memorials elsewhere.

26/02/2014. Created new child pages and added them to main top dropdown menu, as well as populated parts of them. Also added sitemap page and this update page.