Hennenman Air Crash Memorial (Turffontein)

Just over a year ago Clinton Hattingh photographed the Hennenman Air Crash Memorial in Alberton,  When I posted the link to it somebody said there was a memorial at Turffontein Race Course too. I could only file the information away but always tried to remember to hunt it down if ever I was in Turffontein again.

On 29/03/2017 I went looking for the memorial.

The race course is a large area, and I have never been in it before. The security guards were incredibly helpful and courteous and it is thanks to them that I can show images of the memorial.

Turffontein Race Course

The memorial is situated in a fenced off and access controlled area and it is really very beautiful.


It is interesting that there are at least 3 memorials related to the air crash that happened nearly 30 years ago, the security guards had no knowledge of the disaster, but I am sure there are those from the horse racing and aircraft fraternities who do. Fortunately those who lost their lives have not been forgotten and their memory lives on in these two memorials. I am still investigating the 3rd one, and hopefully will find it one day. 

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