Havant War Memorial

Probably one of the more frustrating War Memorials I have photographed in ages. I was in the area for a job interview so did not have my camera, but used my phone instead, but the sun was just in the wrong place, and each time I wanted to shoot the pic a car/pedestrian/van/dog and everything inbetween would come between me an my lens.

St Faiths Church, Havant

St Faith’s Church, Havant

The Memorial

The Memorial

The memorial has plaques for both World Wars on it, and I do have images of them. Because Portsmouth and Gosport are “Naval Towns” there is a predominance of naval casualties to be found in places like Havant which is not too far from the two cities.

The memorial may be found at Google Earth Co-ordinates: 50.851348°,  -0.981641°

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