Dawns New Pet

The Twinns were out doing their Saturday thing and Dawn was at home alone. She stared over the balcony at the slowly awakening garden and thought that it would be nice if she had a pet. Amanda always spent Saturday morning walking Waffles, Coalface, Louis and any other fury creature that cared to join her. Dawn thought that she would enjoy doing that too, but unfortunately she just didn’t have a pet of her own. “Theoretically Caities should be very good pet owners” she said to herself.

She sighed, “Oh well, I can at least enjoy everybody’s pets when they bring them here for a visit.”
Just then there was a flapping of wings and Dawn saw something alight on the wall. “Hullo, what’s that? it doesn’t look like a Hadedah.”

Dawn wished she had her binoculars close by so that she could see the creature. “Maybe it’s an alien, or a giant budgie, or even Rhodan…”
The creature looked curiously at Dawn, who looked curiously back.

Then it hopped off the wall and started to flap its leathery wings, flying straight towards the baffled Twinn. It landed on the balcony floor and looked expectantly at Dawn.
Dawn jumped down and found that she was nose to Twinn with a red leathery dragon. The dragon smiled at Dawn and made a whining noise.
“Well I’ll be a barrel of Bernetta’s, it’s a dragon, and a very cute girly one too. I bet you will make a great pet.”
The dragon nodded its head vigorously in afirmation.

She reached down and patted the dragon on its head. “Hmm, not even slimey or scaley.” She said. “I bet Cait would like to see you.”
“What would Cait like to see Dawn?” It was Caitlyn and Godzilla, who had just gotten back from their morning shopping.

“Hi Cait, I am glad to see you, look what just landed on the balcony.”
“Dawn, that looks like a dragon.”
“She is a dragon Cait. I want to keep her as a pet.”

“You can’t keep a dragon as a pet Dawn.
“And why not? you have a city stomping monster as a pet Cait.”
Caitlyn was stumped. “OK Dawn, you got me there. I guess it shouldn’t be a problem. Godzilla seems to like her.”
The dragon sidled up to Caitlyn and nuzzled her hand while Godzilla sniffed interestedly at it’s knee.

“However, it is possible this dragon belongs to somebody Dawn, so I think you should at least advertise that she has been found, and if nobody claims her then you can keep her.
“Cool. I will get Victoria to place an ad in the Hollow Times and see if anybody claims ownership.”
“Just one thing Dawn, does your new pet breath fire?”
“I don’t know Cait, only one way to find out….” The dragon took a deep breath and then….

“I guess that answers that question.” Caitlyn said, “at least she will come in handy when we need something cooked in a hurry. What are you going to call her?”
“At the moment I think I will call her Dragonette, or Braveheart, or even Idris.”
“Idris? that sounds Welsh.”
“It is. I saw it in an Ivor the Engine TV show. They had this dragon called Idris in it.”

And so Dawn finally had her pet, and being Dawn it was an unconventional one too. There was however, no guarantee that the dragon was not lost and would be claimed by her rightful owner. If, and only if that happened then Dawn would deal with it, but until then she just smiled contentedly and enjoyed watching her new pet romping with Godzilla. “I am correct, Caities DO make good pet owners.” she said smugly.
So, if anybody has lost a small dragon, please contact Dawn.

Although Dawn does not really want to hear from anybody claiming ownership.

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