Dawn Goes Undercover


There was a loud banging on the door and Caitlyn, who was catching a snooze at her desk was not amused.
“Who’s there?” She asked cautiously without opening the door.
“It’s Dawn, open up Cait.”
“Ok, hang on a moment.” Caitlyn opened the door but left the security gate locked. There was a strange boy standing there looking decidedly suspicious.

“You’re not Dawn, you are some crummy boy out to sneak up on us and check out our unmentionables hanging on the washing line.”
“No No Cait, it’s me Dawn”.
“Ha! try the other one, I know Dawn and you are not Dawn, go away and leave us alone”.

“Seriously Cait, it’s me, I am undercover. I was investigating some shenanigans at the local book shop. I had to go undercover or I would never have been able to infiltrate the baddies hideout.”
“A likely story, for all I know you are impersonating Dawn by making out you are her in disguise. Prove to me that you are Dawn”.
“Sheesh Cait, you are one suspicious dolly.”
“I didn’t become a detective because I accept things at face value. If you are Dawn tell me who owned you before you came here.”
“That’s easy, it was Tricia in Texas.”
“Hmmmm, that could have just been a lucky guess. Ok, what did Skye tell you to do the first time she met you?”
“Look behind the bookcase! and I found my long lost Richie Rich comic there.”
“Dawn? it is you… I am amazed, for a moment I thought you were a baddie.”

“Nope. I put on this disguise and snuck out early this morning so that I could get a headstart, but my informant gave me the wrong information so I had to come home. I was hoping nobody would see me like this.””So why didn’t you let yourself in?”
“I was so busy trying to look suave and macho that I locked myself out.”
Caitlyn just laughed, “Lucky for you nobody else saw you, I can just imagine what they would have said.”
“Don’t remind me. I would have never lived it down.”
Caitlyn rubbed her hands together, “don’t get too complacent my Caitie friend, I may want to hold this against you one day.”

“Hee hee, sooner or later you will have to go back undercover Dawn and when you do… the Bossman will have his camera handy…..” Caitlyn teased.
“Aaaargh Cait, don’t you even dare think about it! Where’s my chainsaw???”

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