Take your Daughter to the Office 2007

Caitlyn likes to pop along to see where I work and check out the employment opportunities in a field other than detecting, after all, she said that she had become more of an administrator and never seemed to actually detect anything anymore. I had changed jobs since she had first come with me in 2004, although I still do more or less the same thing, its just with a bigger company and on a wider variety of products.
Before she started anything she had to buy some airtime on the dolly phone so that she could call Dawn and tell her all about it.

Airtime! I need airtime!

Airtime! I need airtime!

Having bought her airtime, she then helped out with invoicing. Caitlyn is computer literate but does type slightly slowly because of her small hands. And, we wont even discuss what happens to the mouse when she can’t reach it. I hope that nobody gets upset when they get an invoice for 50 Gazzalion Dolly Dollars.



Luckily she got bored really quickly and then decided to take a turn around the factory.

“What’s this do?” she asked.
“It’s a machine for putting crimps on Molex connectors.”
“What’s a crimp? and what’s a Molex?” was the expected question after that.
How does one explain these things to a Twinn? I can’t very well say “ask your mother!” can I? “I will explain later. Come along, let me show you the airtime machines that we are building.” was the best way of changing the subject I could think of at that moment.

Caitlyn helped out with a few things, although I suspect we may have to double check those machines before we ship them. She was glad to move onto something else. “Those things are just too tall to work on comfortably” she said.
I showed Caitlyn all of the completed termninals that we had built and that were now packed and ready to be sent out. “We are just waiting for the guys next door to come collect them and put them on their side of the building.”
“I’ll help move them…..” she volunteered.

Having moved the boxes, Caitlyn was bushed. “I need a water break.” She insisted.

Refreshed after her mammoth box moving session Caitlyn decided to help out with the floor cleaning. “These floors get so dirty from all the boxes and bits of wire and stuff, this floor cleaning is a full time job! Pass the floor polish please.”

Having washed the floor Caitlyn was feeling kind of tired. “I think my armature is strained.” She explained.
“I have the solution to that Cait, come into the store..”

Her sweet tooth satisfied and armature suitably re-enforced, we headed back to my workshop where I showed her the pile of handheld terminals that seemed to be breeding under the table. “These are my bugbear Cait, I cannot keep up with them. Any ideas?”
“Sure, no problem,” she explained. “Let me just get the solution out of your toolbox…”

Somehow I didn’t think that was such a good idea, although I was sorely tempted to use the Caitlyn solution. “Come along Cait, it’s lunchtime, lets go sit down and have a sarmie or two.”

But Caitlyn was tired, she had spent the whole previous night watching reruns of “Bride of Chucky” and “Devil Doll” and soon her eyelids grew heavy. “I am just going to take a short nap.” She said.

Poor Cait, I expect moving all those boxes wore her out. Or was it all the sweets and chocolate? I bet she will rather stick to detecting instead of working in the electronics field. But, it was fun having her at work and she does send her greetings to everybody at the factory, and says that Graeme must really clean his desk.

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