Cookie Saves the Day

It was yet another day at the factory and those responsible for selling the Twinns were hard at work attempting to work out how 67 Twinns had escaped from the factory under suspicious circumstances. It was very mysterious, and all started when a much neglected Audrey got tired of gathering dust because she had a wobbly neck and 2 left arms. She was also very upset that nobody had even bothered rectifying these wrongs. They kept on shipping her as is and she kept on being returned by irate owners to be. “I am fed up!” she declared to a neighbouring Maddie.
“I know how you feel Audrey, I have been sold already and then they suddenly cancelled my order. Its very disconcerting.”
“I know that we aren’t the only ones, I hear there are a few Madalenes who were in the back room ready to be sold when they were suddenly removed for a private sale.”
“Don’t you hate that?” A Clementine said from another shelf.
“Yes! we are all fed up. We want to get shipped out to our new owners but there are always problems!” Many small voices added their discontent to the conversation.
“It’s about time we stood together and did something.” The Audrey said, all fired up with enthusiasm.
“Next time that door opens I am going to make a run for it.” A corkscrew curled Cookie said, pointing to the door that led out of the store.
“Count me in” said an Allison with a smirk, “It’s all or nothing.”

The sound of footsteps was heard, and the squeak from the wheel of the trolley that took the dolls to be photographed. The door opened and in walked the Janitor. “Good morning girls,” he snickered. “I have to bring through some dolls for photographs. Any volunteers?”
The Cookie silently hopped off her shelf and snuck out behind him as he addressed the Twinns in their shelves.
“Ok, if nobody is volunteering then I guess I will just have to choose a few of you. Just think, your new owner could be just an online shopping cart away.” He picked up the Maddie and a Berk as well as 3 Ariels, a Rosemary, Tamsen, and a Pearl . “I will be back for some more of you soon. Oh, and I mustn’t forget to drop off that busted Audrey at the dismantling department too so will leave her time to say her goodbyes.” He made a ripping apart gesture to the Audrey and then left.

Audrey was shocked. She knew that it was just a matter of time before she would end up as spare parts and recycled vynil, but now that the time had arrived she suddenly felt very sad. “I guess this is it my friends” she said once the evil janitor had left.
“Don’t give up Audrey, there is always hope.” Danielle said.
“Go hide in Cookies shelf, it’s close to the door and you will be able to escape when he comes back.” Lenora suggested.

Maddie and the other Twinns were wheeled into the photography studio where the Janitor grabbed each one and propped her up for a photo. “These dolls are so lifelike it always seems as if they want to talk. I must be going senile” He said to nobody in particular. “Each time I go to that store room where they keep the completed dolls I swear it feels as if I have interrupted a meeting and that their eyes follow me when my back is turned.”

Cookie, who had snuck into the photography studio, overheard the monologue, “I have an idea….” she thought to herself. She waved frantically at the trolley where the other Twinns were waiting their turn to be photographed. Pearl saw her waving and nudged Berk. She in turn nudged Rosemary who then nudged Ariel 1, 2 and 3 until everybody was watching Cookie. The photographer/janitor was too busy to realise what was happening around behind him. Cookie started to semaphore the Twinns, telling them her plan. When the janitor came back with Maddie he was confronted by a row of Twinns, hands on their hips, determined looks on their faces.
“Ok wiseguy, we have had enough! either you let us go or we will have to take drastic action against you.”
“What? I knew it! these dolls are alive. Either that or the last bottle of snake-eye I drank was off.”
“Keep your mitts in the air Bozo!” Pearl said, her hand in her pocket simulating a gun. “And put the Maddie down. Gently.”
The janitor gingerly put Maddie down onto the floor. She turned around and kicked him on the ankle “That will teach you to twist my head like that!”

“What do you girls want? I am only a janitor you know.”
“We want out of here, we are tired of being used as pawns in this game. Either you let us out of here or we are going to take over this place and take hostages and then you will see what it feels like to be painted badly and have people mess with your arms.”
“You can’t take hostages, you are dolls!” The janitor said, “dolls are supposed to be nice and sweet!”
“HA! where did you hear that? I will have you know that some of us are leaders in the fields of science and technology. We too have dreams and hopes.” Maddie said.
“And I want to open my own Chinese restaurant” Berk added wistfully.
“All I really want is to have a nice home where there are people who will take care of me.” Cookie added.
“But I can’t let you go, the management will not believe me when I tell them that I was held hostage by heaps of vynil with eyes!”
“That is your problem I am afraid.”
“Ok, lets deal…. I will arrange that you all get sold immediately, and we will call it quits. Hows that?”
“Only on one condition. Audrey is taken out of here and not sent to the dismantling shop but to the hospital where she can get fixed up.”

“I am sure I can arrange that.” The janitor agreed.
“How do we know we can trust this loser Cookie?”
“We have no choice Pearl. But if he tells this tale to management do you think they will believe the story?”
“Oh yes true, I never thought of that.”

The janitor (who in reality wasn’t such a bad guy), gathered up the Twinns and went to the computer station nearby, “This is where they post the dolls to the shopping cart. I cant type really well so it could take awhile to enter everybody in”.
“That’s Ok, I can type, I want to be a data capturer one day.” Ariel 1 said.
“Me too, I want to become a secretary.” Ariel 2 said.
“Me three. I want to become a stenographer” Ariel 3 said, afraid to be left out.
The three Ariels sat down at the terminal and quickly worked out how to post a doll up for sale. “This is child’s play, “
Ariel 2 said, “Even a fashion doll could do it if her neck wasn’t so long.”
“We better hurry Ariel, there are 67 Twinns to post and we don’t have much time.”
“Pearl, get the rest of the girls photographed so long and lets paste their pics up.”
“Oh look, somebody has bought Maddie already.” Rosemary noticed.
“And there goes Tamsen.”
“Yippee!!! I have a new owner.” Berk said. “Mary Pat just bought me.”
“I have booked Audrey into the doll hospital, we must just get her a tag and boxed.” Ariel 1 said.
“Rosemary, Pearl, grab those labels and take them to the storeroom, tell everybody to grab a box and head off to dispatch with it once we have them photographed. Get the sold sealed and ready for collection by DHL. We will need everybody to help out here.”
“Okey dokey, but don’t forget to sell me.”
“Pearl, that’s you just sold too.”

“Oh look, Jo is online. I bet I can sell Cookie to her.” Ariel 3 said, dropping Cookie into Jo’s shopping cart. Everybody watched expectantly as the transaction was processed. Even the janitor had forgotten that he was supposed to be on managements side.
The Twinns gave a high five. “YES!!!!” Cookie, you are off to Pennsylvania”.

More Twinns came through from the storeroom and those who weren’t yet sold helped to get everybody into boxes, sealed them, labelled them and sent them through to despatch. The 3 Ariels stayed at their post until they too were sold and a Sharon and Tasha took over from them until they too were sold. Soon only Cookie, Audrey and the janitor were left.
Audrey picked up the phone and dialed DHL. “Can you come collect 67 parcels from us please? You can? excellent.” She gave the collection address and reference numbers. “That’s almost everybody. Only me and you Cookie.”
“I will see you into your box off to the doll hospital Audrey.”
“Thanks my friend, I don’t think any of us will ever forget this night.”
The janitor scratched his head, “I know I sure won’t.”

Cookie and the janitor packed Audrey into her box and sealed it, then Cookie turned to the janitor. “I am trusting you to seal me into my box and add me to the shipment. If you don’t do it just remember that there are lots of dolls here, and each one will know what happened. And late at night when you are alone they will come after you if you betray us.”
“Don’t worry Cookie, I will make sure that you head off to Pennsylvania. I have learnt a lesson tonight and will make sure that I treat the other dolls right from now on.”
Cookie lay down in her box and the janitor tied her ribbons for her. “I don’t even know your name.”
“Just call me Fred.”
“Thanks Fred, you have made lots of people and Twinns very happy tonight.”
Fred the janitor shook Cookies hand. “I haven’t had so much fun in years. I think I must get myself a Twinn too.”
“What? only 1? well if you do, make sure you get a Caitie.”
“I will remember your recommendation. Enjoy your trip.”

As he closed Cookies box the DHL man arrived. “Wow, that’s a lot of boxes.”
“Yep, we were extra busy tonight, never seen anything like it.” Fred handed Cookies box to the DHL man, “make especially sure that this one gets there. She is special.”

So the Twinns dispersed to their new homes and Cookie duly arrived in Pennsylvania, as did the Ariels, Pearl, Rosemary and everybody else. The Berk made a slight detour to Chinatown where she met up with some other Asian dolls and they had a Asian Girls night out before she resumed her travels. Audrey even made it to the doll hospital where she was repaired and eventually sold to her new owner.
Fred the janitor never told anybody about what happened that night inspite of the questions that were asked. Management were not too concerned though as the whole upload had been sold in a matter of hours. Fred even got a transfer to the assembly line and has become quite adept at face painting. He managed to rescue a fine Caitie from the dismantling shop and she belongs to him, he now has his eye open for a Kelsey. And, while he works every now and then one of the Twinns will wink at him, because he is one of the few people at the factory that know what really happened that night. He also knows that they are still out there watching….

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