Caitlyn Looses her Head

Amanda had noticed that Caitlyn wasn’t her usual self lately and wondered what was wrong with her. She was even missing from the usual Sunday newspaper reading session, and it was unlike her to not be there to read the funnies. She decided to find out what was troubling her friend and fellow Twinn.
Amanda found Caitlyn on the balcony staring gloomily out over the garden.

“Caitlyn? what’s wrong? why are you sitting out here on your own? everybody misses you.”
“Oh Amanda, I don’t know what to do. My head is falling off.”
“It is? but that’s terrible Cait, when did you discover this?”
“I think it’s been happening for quite sometime, I have been waking up in really strange positions lately. I am so worried that I will end up in a box under the bed.”
“My dear friend, that will never happen, the Bossman will make sure that you get repaired. Nobody will put you in a box under the bed as long as we have anything to do with it. Come, let’s go speak to Sarah, she knows about head transplants and stuff like that.”
So Caitlyn and Amanda went inside and set up an appointment to see Sarah. Caitlyn sadly changed into the hospital gown and lay down on the bed while Sarah rummaged around for her medical kit.

Then Sarah gave Caitlyn a thorough examination. Listening to her armature, peering into her eyes, feeling her pulse and testing her reflexes.

She called Amanda, “There is good news and bad news. Caitlyn has a severe case of headandneckalitus. Its not easy to cure and does involve surgery, but we can also temporarily fix her with a bit of armature manipulation. Unfortunately, she will have to undergo the dreaded “elastic band around the head” treatment sooner or later.”
“Will she be able to play with us again Doctor Sarah?”
“Yes she will, but she must just take it easy until we can operate, she must have no stresses or strains and she mustn’t rubber neck too much.”

Sarah told Amanda what to do to manipulate Caitlyn’s head back into its connector. Amanda held Caitlyn’s feet while Sarah pushed and rolled Caitlyn’s head from side to side until her head was securely back on again. “It’s not a permanent cure I’m afraid, but it will hold until I can get proper instructions on the treatment.”

Caitlyn was almost back to normal again, “Thank you Doctor Sarah, I feel much better. “
“It’s my pleasure Caitlyn, but you will have to take things easy from now on, I will contact Nurse Meko and Dr Jo in Pennsylvania for more information on what to do, I have never done one of these ops before, the biggest op I ever did was on a grape with a broken leg.”
“There you go Caitlyn,” Amanda said re-assuringly, “there was no need to worry like that, we will sort you out and stick by you. “
“Thanks Amanda, I know I am in good hands, and I know now that I will soon be back to normal again.”

Sarah gave Caitlyn an injection of strong tea and some chocolate pills to make her feel better. “I will write you out a doctor’s note excusing you from the Alpha Twinn duties. I think light duty until the new year should do it. We will tentatively schedule the op for the week between Christmas and New Year.”

“Thank you Amanda and Doctor Sarah, you have helped me a lot. I feel much better. Now, who has got the funnies? where are the Sunday papers?”
So Caitlyn was back to normal again, but has to take it easy. We are all holding thumbs for her recovery and will cover the operation live as it happens. Keep watching this space.

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