Ye Festivale That Nevere Wasse

Round about this time of year Tewkesbury would hold it’s world-famous Medival Festival. It is one of the 3 things the town is famous for and unfortunately this year it never happened. In fact almost nothing happened here between March and now so normality is nowhere ear yet. However, while we cannot all flock to the festival site we can at least look back and laugh at what happened before that and before that and before that…

I have attended most of the festivals over the years that I have lived here and always harvested a large collection of pics that I displayed in the relevant posts. You can access the posts using the menu below.  I am unable to work out why I did not post images from 2015 and 2016 though. Yet another of the many mysteries in this blog.

[Festival 2017] [Festival 2018] [Festival 2019]

In an effort to keep some sort of continuity going I dub this post “Ye Festivale that Nevere Wasse” because who knows whether normality will return and if we will ever hold a Medieval Festival again. The whole thing is really a visual event, its crowded, noisy, busy,  and kind of strange. The oddest thing is seeing knights and peasants queuing at the local super to buy food, or walking up the road to take in the sights. The battlefield becomes crowded and the battle tends to happen at a distance so there is not much to see so I rarely stick around for it.  All of these images appear elsewhere in these pages so some may look familiar.

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