X Marks The Spot

Today is election day in the UK, and this election will turn out to be a very contentious one. It will make or break the future of the UK and will have serious ramifications for the well being of this country and the rest of Europe.   

Who to vote for? Realistically it is down to either the ruling Conservatives, or the bit champing Labour party. Both are seriously flawed and the latter even more so. The fact that the leader has a Marxist leaning is detrimental to everybody if he does come into power. The Tories too have their faults, but it is really down to choosing between a rock and a hard place.  

The Houses of Parliament

The biggest issue is Brexit; and this is really what triggered the election in the first place. The end game of that decision is now nigh, it needs to be concluded as the uncertainty of the future is detrimental to the economy. 

The one difference between this election and a general election in South Africa is that in the UK there is always the chance that a different ruling party can come into power, whereas in South Africa every election is a foregone conclusion; it is just the percentage lead that changes. 

Tonight I will go cast my X, I have not decided who to vote for, but I do know who not to vote for. 

By the weekend  we could have a new government and a new direction, but it will always rest uneasy as far as I am concerned. Fake news and voter manipulation is already affecting how people will vote, and we all know who to thank for that. 

Update 14/12/2019.

The votes are more or less all in. Boris has been given a mandate to do his thing. Labour has shed votes like crazy and once again the people have spoken.  Its all over bar the autopsy and name calling and blaming.. 

Poll results as at 07.14, 14/12/2019:

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