What time is it?

Many years ago I won an expensive limited edition watch at my local pizzeria. It is one of those landmine watches that weighs as much as your arm does. Fancy watches do not work well in the environment that I was in at the time, so I consigned it to the drawer.
Fast forward to 2006 and my trusty coal burning Lanco commits suicide. I need a new watch. Haul out the landmine!
Now the landmine, like so many other precision watches is a complicated bugger. It is easier to programme your VCR than some of these watches. But I got it to at least sort of tell me the time. This watch has an analogue face as well as a digital display that acts as a calender, stop watch, alarm etc. Setting this display requires the use of “The Crown“, or, as we knew it in the olde days: “the winder“.  It has 3 positions (I think), and that selects the function, as well as the individual setting for the function. 
Wind forward to 2008 and off to Hong Kong we go and time marches forward by 8 hours. Alas, my watch stays behind because I cannot figure out how to set the new time on it! (note to self, take manual with when traveling, or better yet, take a different watch). By the time I got back to South Africa, my alarm would suddenly go off at 5.30 every afternoon irrespective of what I did. Oddly enough, I am the only person who never seems to hear it go off! 
My next trip overseas needed a -2 hour time change, confusing said landmine even more, and leaving it’s owner running 2 hours behind for almost everything. In 2010 I made another Hong Kong trip, and the confused watch (and its owner) ended up spending a 4 hour layover in Dubai trying to get the time right.
I was hoping that when the time came for a battery change, this would all be sorted out. The battery duly died and now my watch changes its day/date at 9.30 am every morning. It also did not realise that 2012 was a leap year, so when it was the 1st of March, my watch thought it was the 2nd (up till 9.30) and then the 3rd (after 9.30). I have a love-hate relationship with my watch, it drives me crazy because I have to always know what time it is before being able to say what the day/date is. Did I mention that the day can be displayed in a gazillion languages? “Wed” may end up being “Gro” or “Spl” if I am not careful. 
Logically to sort it all out I would need to remove the battery at 23H55. to solve the problem, although it would then take till 04H37 to get the time/day/date sorted out again. And even then, there is no guarantee that the stupid thing won’t decide to change the day/date when it wants to, and set off the alarm at 02.18 pm. every day thereafter or until I travel across GMT or the battery dies.
The watch is a “Mad Bull” limited edition, it is a pretty apt name for a mad watch that is full of bull! Mind you, I only paid the price of a Steak Pizza for it.      
A  Postscript:
In March 2013 I relocated to London, once again flying via Dubai. Once again my watch and I had words, and I spent 4 hours trying to change the time zone. I had to give up though as the winder (or crown) was not doing what it was supposed to. It got so bad that the 2nd thing I did when I arrived in London was go to Argos and buy a new watch! My new ticker is an “el cheapo” Timex, and it has all the functionality of the landmine and I only paid 19 quid for it! Unfortunately, my skinny wrists meant I had to remove 4 links from the strap! It is now Dec 2014 and said el cheapo is still merrily doing its thing. The landmine? I took it back with me to SA in May 2014 and left it there! 
At the time of changing the date on this post the el cheapo is still doing well, it is just under 4 years and 10 months old. (I finally replaced my El Cheapo in the beginning of 2021 after it became increasingly more erratic. I replaced it with the same make and model because realistically it is a very nice watch. 
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