What a day!

Yesterday was just one of those days that leave you wishing that you could roll over and go back to sleep.

When I got back from South Africa I discovered that Tewkesbury was in the midst of one of its usual floods. After all It is one of things that the town is famous for.

Yesterday morning I awoke to find that the taps were dry as somewhere underneath all that water a water pipe had burst and Severn Trent were hot on the heels of the leak. There was a mass outbreak of panic buying of bottled water by residents which was ironic because we were suffering from a lack of water while surrounded by water. And just when I thought I had seen it all I spotted a camel walking down High Street. 

I do not know whether he was delivering water or was the solution to our lack of water in the pipes. I will say one thing about Severn Trent though, they notify customers and when things look to be prolonged they provide bottled water. In South Africa the problem would first be denied, then admitted, then investigated slowly and repaired at leisure. No emergency water would be provided and there would be no credits passed on monthly bills. Oh, and camels would not be walking in the streets either. 

The flood situation is a different story. I had a quick look at the river levels while I was in town and this is what I saw: (Images taken with my cellphone and weather was overcast).

Standing on the King John Bridge looking towards Healings Mill and the Avon Locks.

The Severn and The Ham, with Healings Mill on the left of the image

The water from upstream of the Severn was expected to arrive today and over the weekend which could raise the level of the Severn even more, but hopefully the water already in the town would have receded since then so that it will not reach disaster proportions. Our tap water is back though so a nice cuppa tea will do wonders for me, If anything else happens that makes me go “huh?” I will let you know.

Incidentally, we had another flood scare earlier in June, and this one is on a much larger scale although nowhere near the 2007 floods. 

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