11/09/2019. Having tried many themes and finding problems with each one I have returned to Frontier as it is the only consistent one that I have found. The solution lies in removing all the year pages and pushing them into a drop down page so that there is no third line in the top menu. 

03/09/2019 unable to fix issue with menu, found new them and changed to it. Now to fix the wobblies that are showing up with the new theme. Not 100% happy with some them aspects. Also upgraded PHP version to see if that was causing the problem and it wasnt. 

31/08/2019 Something has gone wrong with the top level menu but the page orders are correct and I cannot find anything in it that could be causing a problem. 

23/07/2019. Recreated Warstone Lane and Key Hill Cemeteries post from AAS2

22/09/2019. Recreated the Sai Wan War Cemetery post from AAS

17/05/2019. Haven’t updated this page in ages. Been doing some work on the Newtown pages and created a retrospective about the Newtown Municipal Hostel

15/05/2019. WP 5.2 is available, but still too scared to upgrade as they really have messed it up with that block editor thang.

31/03/2019. Updated UC and miniships pages to reflect new additions. WP5.1.1 is available but I am too scared that it will destroy all my work if I upgrade it. 

26/03/2019. Relooked my RMS model page and consolidated it and deleted one of the posts. Hopefully all iterations of it are gone

27/02/2019. Started to add in posts about my SA trip. 

19/02/2018. Very little happened on this blog since the year started, only minor additions and the usual 3 ships commemoration. 

02/01/2019. Created new 2019 index page. shuffled things downwards, and added first post for the year. The loss of HMY Iolaire  to show up on 

31/12/2018 Created Looking back on 2018 

29/12/2018 Created Let’s play Poohsticks 

24/12/2018. The Musings Advent Calender 2018  ends. 

23/12/2018 Created Hungry Elephants on the loose!   as more of a filler than anything else

17/12/2018. Updated WP to 5.01, seems to be a problem with adding links within the editor, URL window not going away.

06/12/2018. Revisited Arnos Vale to photograph the new headstones at Soldiers Corner

01/12/2018. The annual Musings Advent Calender commences

02/11/2018.  The village tour: Sedgeberrow is done, links updated where needed.

20/10/2018 The village tour: Ashton-Under-Hill,   The village tour: Kemerton and Overbury

The villages en route to Evesham.

25/09/2015. Created Musing and Mumbles as well as Swanning it in Swansea

20/08/2018. Posted about Christ Church Mayfair and updated Nativity Play blogpost

24/08/20018. Moved my Mastepiece Doll pages to musings and created menu item Meet Emily, created 9 sub posts and linked them together.

19/08/2018. Created Tewkesbury Classic Vehicle Festival 2018  and finally finished Figureheads and Hood Ornaments a year after I started it.

04/08/2018. Created Back to Bristol (2) and Back to Bristol (1). Added new Wallace and Gromit sculptures to their page.

22/07/2018.  Added:  Shipshape and Bristol Fashion (3) The Harbour , Shipshape and Bristol Fashion (2) Bristol Cathedral and Shipshape and Bristol Fashion (1) Updated Balmoral page, updated Great Britain page

15/07/2018. Added Ye Olde Medieval Festivale 2018

09/07/2018. Added The Banners of Tewkesbury

01/07/2018. Evesham Abbey post goes live, added Armed Forces Day post too

24/06/2018 Added Upper Lode Lock

19/06/2018. Added Liverpool Parish Church to the pile for June.

16/06/2018. Finally completed the last Liverpool page

13/06/2018. Added St George’s Plateau to Liverpool pages

09/06/2018. Added Western Approaches Command to the Liverpool pages.

07/06/2018. Added Liverpool Catholic Cathedral to the blog

05/06/2018. Added in Loving Liverpool (6), all about my ferry trips.

03/06/2018. Added in 4 posts about Liverpool. Loving Liverpool (5),  Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, Loving Liverpool (3), Loving Liverpool (2)Loving Liverpool (1) Linked cathedral up on Cathedrals and Churches page

28/05/2018. Updated the Emma Park page with news

20/05/2018. Driving Goliath, a look at one of the Bantam tugs that live on our waterways. Upgraded WP to 4.9.6

19/05/2018, Completed Evesham Eventually (1) and Evesham Eventually (2)

16/05/2018. Five years in the making… Retrospective: The Old Southampton City Walls (1)16/05/2018 and Retrospective: The Old Southampton City Walls (2)16/05/2018

05/06/2018. Added  Retrospective: The Pilgrim Fathers Memorial 

02/05/2018. Added  Retrospective: Northwards to Northam

01/05/2018. Added retrospective post about changing lightbulbs

17/04/2018. Added latest update to my A Last Farewell page as well as added new images

15/04/2018. It is Titanic anniversary again, did my annual remembrance post

12/04/2018. Completed Woolston and Weston Retrospective

08/04/2018. Released And then I was in Southampton from draft status, completed Hythe retrospective

02/04/2018. Created Best of Tewkesbury gallery

29/03/2018. Reworked my Modelling the Union-Castle Line pages to sort out duplication and excess verbiage

18/03/2018. Created Sheepish in the Snow

03/03/2018. Added in Counting the Days which is a retrospective look at the month I spent in London in 2013.

03/03/2018. A notice from Eggsa:

The collection of gravestone photographs has now become so large that it is more convenient for it to have a web site of its own. This has, therefore, been done and the gravestones will now be found at http://www.graves-at-eggsa.org/

If you have stored links to graves or cemeteries, these will be easy to bring into line with with new web site location. So all that needs doing is to replace the “eggsa.org”  in the old link with “graves-at-eggsa.org”  to form the new link. Updated links on 2010, 2011 and 2012 index pages.

02/03/2018. Added retrospective post about Greenwich and the National Maritime Museum, also changed date of Cutty Sark Post to tie into the NMM. Galleries now live, you can find them under the Photo Essays and Galleries page

15/02/2018. WP updated today, added an update to my final St Helena Page

04/02/2018. Created master list of my waterline ships although it lives on A@S

25/01/2018. The RMS is on her last voyage.

19/01/2018. Just saw the new CGI Godzilla movie so had to update my Godzilla page too

12/01/2018. Created new page about my visit to Gloucester

07/01/2017. Created 2 posts to day, Photo Essay: Eurocopter EC135  and Connections: it’s all in the name

01/01/2018. Completed date changes on all 30 pages of posts and 2 pages of pages Huzzah!!!. Also moved HMY Iolaire page to be the first this new year as it is the 99th anniversary of the disaster


31/12/2017. Completed my retrospective for the year, created 2018 index page and overwrote 2017 page which I then had to recreate! Bah Humbug! shuffled index pages one space to the right. Huzzah!

27/12/2017. Snow? Again? 27/12/2017

26/12/2017. Added Finding the Ashchurch War Memorial

24/12/2017. Advent calender completed

21/12/2017. Started to change dates on pages as well as fixing booboos as I find them. 30-10 are done (ended at leicester)

14/12/2017. Expanded my previous Red Funnel Flip page from 2013 and added in a page 2 and a page 3 covering Cowes

10/12/2017 A new iteration of Cemetery in the Snow

10/12/2017. Snow.. need I say more?

01/12/2017. Started my annual advent calender page

27/11/2017. Updated my Union-Castle waterline fleet and upgraded WP to the latest version. I hope they have fixed some of the bugs.

04/11/2017. Retrospectively added in a post about Mariner’s Chapel in Gloucester which is backdated to 2015!

03/11/2017 Pressing on to Prestbury. And it really closes off my Cheltenham adventures.

23/09/2017. Went Striding out to Stroud and of course had  a marathon walk from Painswick.

02/09/2017. Nelson’s last stand? never!

23/08/2017. Added some new information and images into the Bubble and Micro car page.

22/08/2017. Added more minis!!!  😆

22/08/2017. Added in 3 pages about the Tewkesbury Classic Vehicle Festival 2017 (3) Tewkesbury Classic Vehicle Festival 2017 (2) Tewkesbury Classic Vehicle Festival 2017 (1)

15/08/2017. Exploring the Domesday Book

10/08/2017. Added in Buried Him Among Kings

30/07/2017. Added The Mud of Passchendaele

18/07/2017. An interesting collaboration helped to make this post about the Aloe Festival Ride

17/07/2017. Updated Mini ships with new images of ships,  Used a small 3 segment menu thingey to provide back and forth choices inside the year index pages. It sounds confusing but it isnt.

09/07/2017. Added two pages on the Tewkesbury Medieval Festival.

07/07/2017. New page called  Bad teeth no bar.

25/06/2017. Finally finished my RMS  Post-Mortem: RMS St Helena model

24/06/2017 Tewkesbury Mini-steam Weekend 2017 page added

16/06/2017 The story of Miranda Eve: The girl from the past

06/06/2017. Created Number 4 Jail page

05/07/2017. Retrospectively created blogpost about The Women’s Jail in Johannesburg, added new table on Heritage page and added links to Constitutional Court, JHB Fort and of course the Women’s Jail page

04/06/2017. Gloucester Harbour  and HM Prison Gloucester are now completed and I am Still building the RMS

03/06/2017. Was in Gloucester today, watch out for a number of new posts from that city. Check out the cool pigs I saw there.

02/06/2017. Been working on Shot at Dawn for awhile and finally finished it today.

28/05/2017. Leaving Reuven. The end of an era for our family.

23/05/2017. A photo essay entitled: Moving the Dak

15/05/2017. I started to scratchbuild a model of the RMS St Helena in 1/1250 scale. It is going to be a sort of ongoing thing until I finish. Catch it at Building the RMS.

19/04/2017. Added Finding “Elizabeth” and “George” to 2009 index and linked to A@S

22/04/2017. Curse this war! The GWSR wartime weekend in the Cotswolds 2017

16/04/2017. Been fleshing out numerous posts with new images. also completed  Watches and things as well as Changed Lives for an  old church. Created a new page about my ship collection.

07/04/2017. Returned to the UK and posted relevant post about it Return to the UK,

04/04/2017. Been creating a number of relative posts but will only complete them when I am back in the UK. Two were completed, namely Return to West Park and Return to Florida Cemetery

03/04/2017. James Hall Museum of Transport has its own page now

30/03/2017. Created photo essay about Brixton Cemetery and completed Where I am now

26/03/2017. Created Finding the Reid Tenwheeler, put more work into The Science Museum as well as Going home

13/03/2017. Went back to Worcester and was able to add more to  Connections: Woodbine Willie and Worcester Cathedral 

11/03/2017 A bit of a slow start to the month, but was able to  Drydock the Fleet and do a retrospective on the Camberwell Cemeteries in Danger

01/03/207. Created Four years later as it was 4 years ago that I landed in the UK. Gee, where does the time go to?  😐

05/03/2017. Created photo essay of The London Eye as well as Tower Bridge. Removed images from the Churches and Cathedrals page that only pointed to an image. New posts since 01/02 Four years later

21/02/2017 New posts:  Connections: Woodbine Willie and Remembering the Mendi

20/02/2017. Side trip to Worcester resulted in: Worcester Cathedral and A waddle through Worcester

11/02/2017. 3 Ships Month. May have to make it 4 ships if I include the Birkenhead

05/02/2017. Photo essays: Tanks in the wild and Navy Day as well as Cemetery Cats and other wildlife  and Just in Time

01/02/2017.  Spilt St Mary’s Catholic Cemetery from the original Kensal Green 2013 pages. Added more pics to Vereeniging Concentration Camp Cemetery

25/12/2017. Dates changed on all posts and pages as well as a few booboos fixed.


10/12/2016. WordPress updated as were the relevant plugins

01/12/2016. Strange weather we be havin’ twas cold and frosty

27/11/2016. Finally got to the missing burial ground in Tewkesbury in Barton Street

26/11/2016. Gathered the fleet together for a grand photography session.

20/11/2016. Two retrospective blogposts about Holy Rood Church in Southampton as well as St Mary’s. Must still slot them into 2013 pages, but what are the implications?

13/11/0216. Remembrance Sunday, need I say more? did you wear your poppy?

11/11/2016. It is Armistice Day and did a blogpost about it

06/11/2016. Finally got around to St Nicholas in Ashchurch as well as a peak at the Chieftain tank close by.

20/10/2016 Added a new retrospective post: The Monument to the Great Fire of London

11/10/2016. Updated Modelling UC line 2 with new model

21/08/2016. Added 3 posts about the Tewkesbury Classic Vehicle Festival

20/08/2016. Updated WordPress, added in 2 part post about Hill Street Cemetery in Emmarenta.

20/06/2016. Photo essay: Unloading the 19A

17/06/2016. Added photo essay on the Navigators

13/06/2016. Photo essay on the Colonnades at Kensel Green

12/06/2016. Photo essay on Paddington Bear

11/06/2016. Post about the GWR War Memorial at Paddington Station

10/06/2016 Added in a whole wodge of new posts on Bunhill Fields, Kensall Green, St Mary’s Cem, The RMS St Helena, and of course two explanatory posts about London in general. Also added in images to Jutland post,  Created a new page called Photo Essays

07/06/2016. Photo essay about St Peter’s Church in Cheltenham

02/06/2016. Fixed sequence of pages and added some new pics to Dry Docked

31/05/2016. Added new post about the Battle of Jutland

28/05/2016. Posted about the Cotswold Steam Festival as well as my photowalk to Winchcombe

25/05/2016. Added new retrospective post about Old Roodepoort cemetery

24/05/2016. Added 3 new images to Delville Wood post, may redo this post completely and expand it a bit.

20/05/2016. Created retrospective blogpost about my flight above Johannesburg in 2008

19/05/2016. Copied the Memorials and Monuments index page to here to see what would happen and am happy with the results, also added in the 3 memorial subpages. Finished creating retrospective page on Cathedrals Express as well as the Border Boys parade

07/05/2016. Completed culling the tags from 153 down to 95 pages, deleted many tags of no relevance. Also culled down the categories to a more manageable level. Completed retro post on Sarum St Martin as well as Horizon View Cemetery

02/05/2016. Completed 2015. 5306 images in total, of which 1403 are for 2015.

01/05/2016. Completed till the end of August 2015. 5071 images migrated

30/04/2016. Completed till mid June 2015, getting there! 4840 images migrated.

29/04/2016. Completed up to March 2015 and started April 2015, image count sits at 4571

25/04/2015. Images for Jan 2015 completed, also added in retrospective post about Maraisburg Cemetery. 4063 images migrated so far.

21/04/2016. Images migrated for 2014. 51 posts in total, 3825 images have been moved.

17/04/2016. Images up till the end of June 2014 have been moved. 23 pages. so far 3400 images have been moved.

16/04/2016. All images for 2013 moved. Ye gads, there were 134 pages!

11/04/2016. Completed image recreation for September 2013, also completed adding in images to soton shipwatch 

10/04/2016. Completed recreating images for May, June, July and August 2013

03/04/2016. Images up to the end of April 2013 have been migrated. And with 27 posts it was the busiest month of all.

26/03/2016. Images for 2012 have all been migrated from musings to this blog. 1611 images have been moved so far.  Started on 2013, redirected the 43 Southampton shipwatch pages to Allatsea and moved the images from musings to there. The existing shipwatch pages on this Musings will be deleted as they reside on AAS from now on.

20/03/2016. Images for 2011 have all been migrated from musings to this blog. 1175 images have been moved so far.

11/03/2016. Removing the old Personal Glimpse posts from May 2011 and moving them to allatsea

08/03/2016. Redid images for Fort Klapperkop, Schanskop, 12AR-1535 and 25NC-3472. Deleted those pages at Musings, and completing the removal of 2009 posts.

04/03/2016. Recreated Hong Kong 2008, Suideroord Conc Camp and Burgershoop Conc Camp

03/03/2016: Recreated the Nunhead and Irene Conc Camp posts

28/02/2016. Updated the churches and cathedrals page and changed the internal links, also redid the first cemetery post with images hosted here, redirected links inside the Photowalks page

27/02/2016. Completed all index pages. Now to add more top row nav button, but first must check how the a different widget would work. Also fixed images in 2 posts that seemed to be crazy. Moved top level menu indexes and populated them with data from old musings. Changed links in ships in this blog page to reflect new musings source

26/02/2016. Completed index pages up to May 2013. also added in empty placeholders in the nav bar and adjusted the welcome page slightly.

25/02/2016. Completed 2015 index, created this page. Fixed broken images in RBS 101 (2)

24/02/2016. Completed 2016 index and started on 2015, messed with the theme a bit more

23/02/2016. Created St Mary Magadelene Twyning post as it did not come across with the import

20/02/2016. Created this blog after a few false starts while getting wordpress running. Also tried a few themes and messed with stuff