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Welcome to Musings while allatsea

Musings while allatsea was really an experiment to see whether I could move my other Musings Blog to the WordPress platform. There was no guarantee that anything would work here, although I am quite chuffed by the end result.

The original iteration of this blog goes back to 10 January 2011 although I have snuck a number of posts behind that first post that were date relevant.  


Many of the internal links still point to the original blog so you will end up heading out of here until I managed to correct the internal links. The images were all migrated from Picasa by May 2016, but I am still finding internal links that point to the wrong place. 


Because this blog is chronological it all really comes down to the yearly index links at the top of the page (or on the right hand sidebar). I have not found out how to create those expanding menu items like I have on Blogger. This could be a product of the theme, or a peculiarity of Blogger. As time passed the top nav bar has grown in size as I added in the original posts from Musings. 

The Welcome section consists of 4 pages.

Unfortunately the paragraph spacing is inconsistent. I have no idea how to solve it because there is no consistency as to how WordPress does things especially with  legacy posts, I have also found that themes can mess up table widths and sometimes how items are placed. When I find these booboo’s I fix them up (same for typos). This is now my main waffling place because I do not think Blogger will get its act together. 

Out of curiosity, there are 487 posts here and  34 pages with over 5600 images in total. 


Towards the end of 2017 I finally deleted what was left of my blog at Blogger. 

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