Titanic Memorial Table

The big problem I had with this memorial was finding St Joseph’s Church in the first place. I knew where it was theoretically, but had never actually seen it. And, once I did find it I can see why. The church is quite a small building and does not have large grounds and I did not see a visible spire to give it away, and if you walked next to it on the pavement you would probably not notice it. The Memorial itself is really just a table with a plaque attached to the leg, but when I asked about it I was told that at the time the Memorial was presented it did include new vestments for the church, although those have long been worn out. The church may be found on Bugle Street, in the centre of the city, north of Town Quay.

St Joseph’s Catholic Church

The Memorial Table. Plaque affixed to inside of right leg

Dedication plaque

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