Titanic Memorial Fountain

The remains of the Holy Rood Church in Southampton are all that is left of one of the original five churches serving the old walled town of Southampton, England. Built in 1320, the church was destroyed by enemy bombing during the blitz in November 1940. In 1957 the shell of the church was dedicated as a memorial to the sailors of the Merchant Navy.

The Titanic Memorial is in the area under the tower. The memorial used to stand in Southampton Common, but was moved to Holy Rood during the 70’s. 

Old postcard view of the Memorial Fountain in its original setting

Google Earth co-ordinates for the Holy Rood Church are: 50.899619°, -1.403559°.   The inscription reads.

This Memorial fountain
was erected in memory of the crew,
stewards, sailors and firemen,
who lost their lives in the SS Titanic disaster.
April 15th, 1912.
It was subscribed for by the
widows, mothers, and friends of the crew
Alderman Henry Powyer. Mayor 1912-1913.

Interestingly enough, the name Powyer is incorrect, it should read Bowyer. Alderman Bowyer is buried in Southampton Old Cemetery.

Titanic Memorial Fountain

Holy Rood Church (2013)

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