Those non artistic images

This is really just a holding area for images of Miss Emily in various articles of clothing or disarray, at the moment there is no real theme to them. One thing about Miss Emily, she does like strange headgear…. 

Miss Emily and Miss Laura in sister mode

I always wanted to take Miss Emily outside in the snow but the snow just didn’t happen or stick long enough that I could do so. However, on the 24th of January things changed and the much bundled up Miss Emily went outside.

Miss Laura

new nightie

Back to School 2020​


Unicorn Cones give you wings

Quick photoshoot with  Miss Laura participating too.

Naturally Miss Emily is taking the corona virus pandemic seriously.

The dress below is a charity shop find and it is a bit large for her but looks really nice.  Unfortunately she was in a grumpy mood and I battled to change her.  

Marks and Sparks school dress. 

Another ice-cream themed outfit. Also, her glitter jelly sandals, I am really looking for a pair of clear ones for her though.

The famous Ice Cream Dress…

The hat has a small ice cream pin badge on it that I bought of ebay, it is in keeping with her interest in ice cream.

Dresses bought in South Africa and at the local charity shop. Unfortunately I do not have a decent background to photograph her against. Note her special ice cream dress, I have been looking for one of them for her for ages.

The boots below are somewhat of a mistake. I had to get her a size 12 so as to get her feet into them, but even that larger size does not fit around her calves and only zips up halfway. The dress is an ebay special.

This is her Laura Ashley sailor dress that was back to front when I did the original photographs of her in it. This is the right way around. The dress is a bit big for her though, but it is really very nice. I may send it to the washing as I see it has stains on it. 

Miss Emily has new wellies. However, because she tends to have quite thick calves they are a tight fit around the calves so tucking jeans or other pants may be problematic. I was in a bit of a rush to get these images so they are a bit haphazard. Got the pinnie from a charity shop in Evesham. 

Different day, same place different clothes, big hairbow.

Back to school (again): this school dress is interesting because it came from Poundland and was under the Pep & co brand. Pep in South Africa is a low cost clothing chain which is owned by the same people who own Poundland. The school shoes originate in South Africa too and when I was young most school girls wore these “bar shoes” to school. They are really becoming less popular as schools try their best to be gender neutral.  

Now I know where my bush hat went to! Miss Emily better have a good reason.  

I think she was depressed that day, or was just feeling pathetic. 

A wonderful dress with its built in petticoat. More pics of it at the first park shoot we did

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