The Watercress Line (03) Medstead and Four marks

Continuing with our visit to the Watercress Line, we now stopped at Medstead and Four Marks Station. This is the station we had visited a few months back and seeing it now it was like a totally different place. 

The station has been restored as a typical 1930’s Southern Region station and its period buildings and fittings, advertising signage, and slow afternoon feel really made me want to sit down and relax and watch the trains go by. There were two trains due, but until they arrived we passed the time exploring and photographing random objects.

As usual I found many fascinating artifacts from an era and a country that I did not know, and the wartime poster really made me think about what it must have been like facing the bombers overhead and being unable to do anything about it.

But before I could don my gas mask, the train decided to arrive and much to my surprise it was a really short train, consisting of 2 coaches powered by a diesel engine. 

I was taken aback because this was not the sort of vehicle I expected at Heritage Rail. However, the origins of this Class 205-1125 DEMU would be revealed a bit further down the line at Alton, but I am going to skip forward a bit to include the item with this DEMU.

A bit of reading revealed that these units DEMU’s were known as “Thumpers” because of the distinctive noise that they made. The coaches seemed very smart inside with their slam doors and smart green exterior livery.

This station has a passing loop in it and the DMU waited for the train from up (or down?) the line to pass. The steam/diesel combination did not tarry long enough for me to get any images of the loco and I have to rely on a screencap from my video. 


And, as fast as it had filled both trains departed in different directions, leaving a once again empty country station. We then left to go to Alton, which is where the line terminates/originates. 

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