The Voortrekker Monument in Newlands, Johannesburg

I have to admit this was a strange find that I made while on my way to the cemetery in 2012. Situated in the grounds of the “Waterval Gemeente” Dutch Reformed Church in Newlands, it is the sort of thing easily missed. I only spotted it because I was curious about the magnificent church building. 

The monument has a plaque “In Herrinering Van Die Voortrekkers” at its base, and a relief on the one side. Underneath the structure, in a barred area are the imprints of the wagon that came through here at the time (This could tie into the Voortrekker Monument in Emma Park.) The church dates from 1928 and is still in use at the time of writing. Unfortunately the monument is very difficult to access because of vegetation and fencing. 

As usual with a find like this, the context is everything and I was fortunate enough to get to talk with a member of the church which is why I know what is underneath the cairnlike structure.  

I was also fortunate enough to get to look around the church interior.

And in spite of the keyboard and drums there is still a beautiful old pipe organ

Fortunately I found the cornerstone which is surprisingly informative, 

There is an Afrikaans wikipedia page for the church and the building may be found at Google Earth co-ordinates  26°10’11.07″S, 27°57’47.89″E.  You can only really get a good look at the back of the church because the front has been really hidden by the trees and foliage as well as a palisade fence. 

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